The Ideal Girls Weekend in Charleston

Props to Julia and Thomas for putting together the most ideal girls weekend in Charleston. The entire experience felt like a scene straight out of The Notebook and they made us all feel so at-home and welcomed the entire time. Every little detail was so well thought out – from the quaint boutique hotel we stayed in to the gorgeous al fresco dinners.

Julia invited 5 of us in town to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her dress collection and to promote the launch of their much-anticipated April line. I’m sharing details from the trip so you can incorporate a little bit of the Gal Meets Glam lifestyle into your next trip to Charleston! All of my outfits from the trip are in this blog post. And you can also check out my landing page with videos of the dresses here.


Our Hotel

86 Cannon

Staying at 86 Cannon felt like being hosted by a close friend. This boutique hotel is a charming restored home from the 1860’s that’s owned and operated by the sweetest couple that lives on the property with their two dogs.  The staff was incredibly kind and attentive and each of the 5 rooms of the house were so charming. Breakfast is provided in the mornings in the upstairs kitchen and complimentary wine & cheese is offered in the afternoons.



The Daily 

The Daily is a combination of a coffee shop, bakery, and lunch spot. They offer delicious fresh-pressed juices, their breads are made in-house, and this a great spot for a morning coffee.

One Broad Street

Caffeine, sweet & savory breakfast options, egg dishes, and also open for lunch and dinner.


Basic Kitchen

Healthy options in a bright and airy space. Great fresh juices! Julia took us here for a mid-day lunch with all the girls.

Leon’s Oyster Shop

If you love seafood this is a must. Rated ‘best restaurant in the south’ by Southern Living. They offer fried chicken, oysters, salads, cheap beer, soft serve, and rosé on tap in an old garage.

Rodney Scott BBQ

A hearty southern meal. Quick, easy, and SO good. We picked this up one day when we waited too long to eat lunch and were starving. Definitely hit the spot.


The Ordinary

Julia and Thomas took us here the first night we were in town. Julia said this is their favorite spot in Charleston.  We sat at a big table because we had a large group, but they said they always come in and just have dinner or drinks at the bar. They have great fresh seafood options and are known for their oysters.

Little Jack’s Tavern

An old school American tavern serving classic cocktails, burgers, steaks, salads, and wine.


I went here last time I was in town and it’s a must! A great spot if you’re visiting and they have a cute bar on the side too.


The Citrus Club at The Dewberry

On our first night we met on the rooftop of The Dewberry and had cocktails while watching the sunset.

Second State Coffee

Other Activities

Manicures at The Water Room

Cupcakes at Sugar Bakeshop

Boat Tour around Charleston Peninsula

Historical Tour of Roper House

Bicycle Tour thanks to 86 Cannon


I can’t thank Julia, Thomas, and the Gal Meets Glam team enough for their hospitality and generosity during this trip. Charleston is a MAGICAL place and I can’t wait to go back again. It’s the perfect place for a romantic getaway, but also such a great idea for a girls trip.

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Gal Meets Glam Dresses in Charleston

Hi guys! I’ll be writing more on here later this week about everything we’ve been doing in Charleston with Gal Meets Glam, but wanted to create this page tonight so you could have the links to shop my dresses as I post them. I’ll be adding more as we photograph them! I love how so many of Julia’s dresses are offered in petite 😊

Taking some time away from my blog to hang with the girls and enjoy the city, be back later this week 🙂

Courtney Maxi Dress

Waitlisted in blue, but also available in PINK here. And here’s the wicker purse I’m holding this picture & my white shoes.

Wearing 00 (minor alterations in the bodice and length, I’m 4’11” wearing 4 inch heels here) This dress is SO comfortable.


Marsha Dress

Wearing size 00

Such a cute dress for Easter and it’s shimmery finish makes it a gorgeous choice for spring evening occasions. This bag is from Zara & shoes linked here.


Magnolia Jumpsuit

Wearing size 00

So comfortable and well made! This muted color is subtle but pretty – looks so cute with wedges.


Sylvia Jumpsuit in Petite

Wearing size 00p – no alterations in the legs, but wearing 5 inch heels. Here’s the link to my wicker bag.


Rose Dress in Petite

Wearing size 00p  (this dress has an adjustable belt)


Polly Dress in Petite

(I’m wearing 00p)

You can see more shots and videos of these dresses on my page on the Gal Meets Glam site, right here.

Two other dresses I’ve worn on the trip that aren’t Gal Meets Glam:

Petite belted tulle dress from ASOS 

(Wearing 00 petite in this)

Gal Meets Glam Scarf  + Pink Wedges 


Floral Slit Maxi Dress from ASOS

wearing size 0

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How to survive a long distance relationship

Conner and I knew of each other through mutual friends, but had never met before. He’d gotten my number through a friend of a friend of a friend (😂) and told me if I was ever in New York City he’d love to take me on a date. A few months later I was in New York for September fashion week. We met up that week, and I knew from the moment I met him things were about to get complicated. There was just something about him! (More on the story here).

I had just moved to Chicago the same month he moved to New York, so we were both starting fresh in our new cities. At first we took things really slow, but as time went on and our relationship grew, we knew the distance had to come to an end. It took sacrifice on both ends, faith, and trust, but we’re happier than ever to finally be living in the same city. RIP to the FaceTime days. Just a little long distance success story for any of you struggling with distance right now 🥰

long distance relationship, olivia rink, new york city blogger, chicago blogger

Loving someone from a distance is never easy. It takes patience, respect, a positive mindset, trust, and most importantly – sacrifice. Long distance relationships aren’t for everyone, but if you find yourself getting into one (or you’ve been in one for a while), I wrote down 7 things that helped us make it through 2 years of long distance dating…

1. You HAVE to learn to love your life apart from the other person.

This is true for all relationships – distance or no distance – but especially when the other half of your heart lives elsewhere. You can’t live with the “I’ll be happy when we’re together” mindset. Of course, life will be awesome when you can finally be together, but you have to work on you during this waiting period. Physical distance is the perfect opportunity to fall in love with someone while you’re still falling in love with your own life. You have plenty of time to spend time with your friends, family, hobbies, career, and your relationship with God. The more you learn to love your own life, the more you will love your life together with that person. You working on yourself is in turn setting your future relationship together up for success.

2. Have an end goal in sight.

After a little over a year of long distance dating, we realized we’d both be miserable if we tried going much longer away from each other. If you want to protect your heart and be realistic, you have to determine what the end goal is in your relationship. What does the future look like? Make a timeline that works for both of you and define your expectations. This will either be encouraging with an end in sight or eye opening, but the conversation has to happen.

3. Set boundaries and expectations early on in the relationship.

When hanging out together on the weekend isn’t an option, you’re both left trusting each other to go out with their own friends. Trust is everything in a long distance relationship – so you if you don’t have that, you need to reevaluate things. To avoid fights or miscommunication, set expectations and boundaries early on about what you both feel comfortable with the other person doing. The golden rule is to not put yourself in any kind of situation you wouldn’t want him/her in. Communication is everything when it comes to long distance, so you can’t let your pride get in the way of anything if you want things to work, talk. about. everything. Also, you can’t worry about coming off as ‘too needy’ when expressing your feelings about something. If you feel a certain way You can’t just assume the other person is on the same page as you – you have to talk about your expectations or there will be bigger problems in the future.

4. Good morning texts and FaceTime dates at night.

We didn’t talk throughout the day as much as I would’ve liked, but then again I’m a girl, so we had to meet in the middle on this one. We found that a good morning message and a FaceTime call every night was the healthiest way for us to go about the week away from each other (Con would send me a quote every morning for a while bc he knew how much I loved them). It gave us time to be present in our lives apart from each other but also enough communication to still feel really connected. Be specific about when you’re going to talk because you both have busy schedules. We owe A LOT to FaceTime for keeping our relationship alive 😂 Communication is different for every couple, but just wanted to give an example of what worked for us.

5. Send physical thoughts in the mail.

Send little gifts in the mail to let them know you’re thinking about them. Whether that means ordering the other person insomnia cookies, flowers, a hand written card, a $5 Venmo for coffee, little things like this will make his/her day and switch things up.

6. Don’t let your phone calls feel mundane.

When you can’t just sit in silence and enjoy being next to that person, you have to get creative with how you keep the magic flowing over the phone. Get creative with your conversations – start watching the same show or reading the same book. When we were first dating I’d write stuff down in a note on my phone that happened during that day or something I wanted to remember to tell him so I wouldn’t forget!

7. Always have a plan for the next time you’re going to see eachother.

Just like point #1, you have to have something to look forward to – especially when you know the distance between the next visit is going to my longer than usual. Visit each other’s cities, but also visit each other’s families. This, I’ve found, is the best way to get to truly know someone.

I hope this gives you the clarity you’re looking for or the hope to keep moving forward! Long distance relationships are very challenging, but not impossible. If you can love, trust, respect, and support each other from a distance, you will be stronger than ever once you’re physically together. There’s no love like two patient hearts willing to wait.

(Shop my dress in the image above in this post)

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