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Off-the-Shoulder Paisley Romper (wearing size small with minor alterations) // Rebecca Minkoff Hot Pink Crossbody (very similar) // Orange Tassel Earrings // Similar Strappy Heels: Here & Here (on sale) // Ray-Ban Aviators // Lipstick: MAC Pink Pigeon // Nails: Essie ‘Fiesta

This week is a crazy one for me! With so many things to do in 90+ degrees, it’s been a challenge finding clothes to wear that I won’t be incredibly hot in. This paisley-print romper is lightweight and easy to slip on. I’m wearing a size small from Jess Lea Boutique, it’s a little big on me because I usually wear XS, but it’s true to size! I love the way the bright accessories pop against the royal blue – perfect for a night out for chips, guac, and margaritas right!?

I’m so excited to be attending a Fashion for Charity event downtown tonight with Harper’s BAZAAR and being outfitted by ESCADA – stay tuned to see what I end up in and what kind of fun hairstyle my girl Krista comes up with! Afterwards we’re headed out to a party with Grey Goose in the city – because that’s what Wednesday night are for right?

Tomorrow I’m finally shooting my bedroom reveal! This has been such a special project for me because I feel like I’ve been waiting years to finally have my own space to decorate and personalize. My love for interior design grows every time I put a new room together and I can’t wait to show you guys my newest project.

AND somehow my little sister and I landed VIP tickets to Lollapalooza this weekend and she’s convinced me it’s something I need to experience, so we’re going! Friday is filled with Kenra festival braid appointments and hours of running around with Elena in Grant Park (Ps, if you’re going to Lolla – Charles Ifergan Salon is accepting walk-ins between 12PM and 3PM to get their hair braided!). Follow along this weekend on snapchat: OliviaMRink. xoxo

Photography by Sed Bona

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While trends come and go, a shiny, healthy, bouncy head of hair will never go out of style. Whenever people ask how I keep my hair growing long and shiny, my main piece of hair advice is that you have to treat your hair like a new born baby! No matter how many products you use or treatments you do, achieving healthy and shiny locks is only possible if you avoid breakage, damage, and over-heating.


In order to get the shiny locks you’ve always wanted:

-Be extremely careful whenever brushing your hair – especially after the shower. I only use the wet brush and start from the ends of my hair and work my way to the top. You cannot achieve long hair if you’re ripping half of it out by brushing it too aggressively.

-Always tell your stylist to be gentle on your hair whenever you go in for a cut or color. I’m sure most of them know this, but I’ve gone to stylists in the past who have man handled my head to the point where I left with a headache and 3/4 the amount of hair that I arrived there with. Foils, dryers, and blow-outs can all cause damage – so always be sure to let your stylist know you have a “sensitive head”!

-Avoid teasing. I know teasing helps create body and makes up-dos look great, but it’s one of the worst things for your hair. Try using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner or a root-pump spray instead.

-Avoid ponytails. Instead of using hair ties, whenever I want my hair out of my face I either use a jaw-clip or these awesome springy-looking hair ties that don’t leave a crease and are super gentle on your hair.

-Your blow-drying technique really matters.  Blow dry hair with a nozzle on and always point down the hair to smooth down the cuticle which helps reflect the light. Look for ceramic, ionic, or infrared tools, which shorten the time that you’re heating your hair (this one’s a splurge, but worth the investment).

-Avoid using heat tools every day. Try to get your curls to last a couple days and if you already have semi-straight hair, stop using a straightener – if I blow dry it and don’t want to curl it, I either put it in a braid for a while to give it a little somethin-somethin or I just throw in some dry shampoo powder for extra body to add texture (I use Aveda’s dry shampoo powder and I love it).

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THEN products come in the play..

-Invest in a good hair mask and leave it on hair for 15 minutes twice a week. I use Luster Lock by Joico. the way it feels on my hair in the shower is incredible, but the way it looks and shines after I blow dry and style it is AWESOME. It makes my hair stronger, healthier, and shinier with each use, repairs to damaged hair, and makes it 9x more resistant to breakage – I HIGHLY recommend trying it out.

-Every time you get out of the shower, use a couple pumps of Morroccanoil – I will forever promote this product because it has done wonders for my hair and smells like heaven. (Nordstrom has a trial kit of their basic products on sale right now here).

-Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of buildup from sprays, gels, and pomades. It’s like exfoliating your skin – you have to remove the dull layers in order to get the shine you want (shop the whole Joico K-PAK Line Here).

-Mist a lightweight shine spray over the hair, make sure you hold it away from your hair while applying though, you don’t want to overload the hair and have shine turn into grease. I use an ultra-light mist that strengthens hair making it 4x more resistant to breakage: Joico Shine Spray.

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ALSO, a couple tips:

-Rinse hair with ice-cold water before getting out of the shower. Cold water helps to close the cuticle and seal in moisture from the conditioner — which helps your hair look shiny and healthy.

-Lighter hair (blonde) is porous and more susceptible to buildup, so it’s shiniest when it’s cleanest. Brunettes are at their glossiest with well-conditioned second-day hair.

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Pleated Polka Dot Romper (wearing 0, true to size and SO comfortable) // NEW Henri Bendel Rivington Bag coming to their website THIS WEEK, keep ya updated when it launches! (similar here) // Black Sandal Heels // Karen Walker Sunglasses: use code Rink15 to rent these for free here! // Black + Rose Gold Watch // David Yurman Ring: pink 6, pink 7black // Essie: ‘Fiesta’ Polish

Photography by Sed Bona

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Photo Jul 24

Hi guys, hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday night! I spent some much needed time writing and reflecting on life and things I’m learning from living with roommates in a new city, developing my career in the professional world, and making time for the most important things:

On having roommates.. CHERISH THEM. Yes, people can people hard to live with at times, but in general, having a group of girls to live with (and split rent with!) when you’re in your twenties is like getting the sorority house experience I never had in college (or, getting a ’round two’ if you already did). I’m learning so much about life outside a relationship and a reminder of the happiness that comes along with investing your time and love into your friendships. If you’re moving to a new city, I highly suggest rooming with a couple other girls as opposed to living alone – there’s no better way to get adjusted to a new town than to do it with other girls in the same boat as you. Investing in these types of friendships is so crucial – your girlfriends are the relationships that will last a lifetime. They will always be the support system you need throughout all seasons of your life. Plus, some of my favorite (and most entertaining) moments in our house are our Sunday morning pow wows in the living room cracking up about about our collection of stories from the weekend.

On doing what you love.. If you’re waiting for the right time to start working towards the career you’ve always wanted or to experiment using your creative side professionally, I’m telling you, right now is the time! Start that online shop you’ve been wanting to open, buy your domain and create a blog about something you’re passionate about, turn your hobby into a money maker, or finally create the business idea you’ve been telling your friends about. I’ll never forget the day I decided I was going to do something crazy for once and try to start my own blog. Or the day I actually quit my job after moon-lighting my blog for a year to finally take it full time.  If you’re serious about starting something new and have the passion to fuel it, go for it and stop waiting for the right moment. Prepare for it to not be easy in the beginning (like, at all). I promise, waking up every morning with the ‘I LOVE what I do‘ feeling is the best feeling in the world. Move to a new city and take a risk, chances are you’ll be so happy you did. Do your research, put in the hard work (say goodbye to 8 hours of sleep a night), make the right connections, get good advice, put yourself in front of the right people, and be aggressive about your goals.

On your spiritual relationship.. Never forget to sort out your prorities. Half the time living here in the city I feel like a crazy person running around with a million things to do. I constantly have to remind myself to SLOW DOWN, live in the moment, enjoy people, create balance, and make time for the important things. Important things, like your spirituality that I regret to admit I let my busy schedule get in the way of sometimes. Even if it’s just watching your favorite online pastor or going to the church right in your neighborhood, nourish your soul for the week with spiritual guidance. You can fill your week with all kinds of things, but if you don’t fill it with God’s word you’re going to find yourself running on an empty tank. Constantly remind yourself to take time to thank Him for all that He’s doing in your life and all the people He’s having you cross paths with. Nothing is a coincidence, remember that and start living your life believing it.

As always, thanks for the support and for hanging around to read my thoughts. I always love your comments and e-mails in response to these posts – I love the love and it’s so cool to have real relationships with you girls who read my blog! xo, liv


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