My Favorite David Yurman Pieces

Club Monaco Romper (xs) | Lipstick: MAC Sea Sheer

The first high end piece of jewelry I ever bought for myself was the David Yurman Petite Wheaton ring in morganite. I wear this ring every day on the middle finger of my left hand. I bought it right when I turned 25 and that was when I really fell in love with the David Yurman collection, specifically their morganite pieces. I love the morganite gemstone because of it’s uniqueness, the way it compliments my skin tone, and how the color works so well with my feminine taste and wardrobe.

A couple years later, I purchased my second ring from the David Yurman collection to wear on the opposite hand, the Chatelaine ring with morganite and diamonds (I wear this one on my right ring finger). This ring lead me to my favorite collection – the Chatelaine pieces in morganite & rose gold.

David Yurman is such an iconic collection that I’ve loved and worn for years, so I was so excited to partner with them and share my favorite pieces. Below are my favorite Chatelaine pieces that are simple yet elegant, sophisticated, and feminine:

The Chatelaine Ring 7mm

The Chatelaine Ring 11mm

The Chatelaine Stud Earrings

The Chatelaine Pendant Necklace

Rose Gold Cable Spira Bracelet

Rose Gold Cable Spira Bracelet with Diamonds

Rose Gold Stax Chain Link Bracelet with Diamonds

Some people love wearing yellow gold, while others (like my mom) are drawn to silver, but I fell in love with rose gold a few years ago and it’s been my favorite metal ever since! I also love wearing silver because it pairs really well with rose gold. These pieces are investments that will last a lifetime and the jewelry I wear on a daily basis. I hope you find a piece in this post that speaks to you – or something that would make a beautiful gift for someone you love 🙂

Photography by @Aesthetiica

Thank you to David Yurman for sponsoring this post 

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Chicago Bucket List: Summer Edition

Ohhh Chicago in summertime 😍there’s nothing like it! Whether you already live here or if you’re planning a trip this summer (which you should be!), here’s my most updated bucket list of things to do in the city for summer 2018. I have lot of the typical tourist-y things you should do when visiting Chicago [in this older post here] if it’s your first time, but the list below is more of a local’s guide for things to do specifically over the next few months of summer here. ENJOY MY CITY! Tag your travel buddy in the comments of this Instagram post to start planning 🙂

Chicago Bucket List:

Summer Edition

1. Boating day on Lake Michigan in the ‘Play Pen’

Rent a boat with friends and head out to the “Playpen” – the no-wake area just south of Oak Street Beach in Lake Michigan (one of the most fun things I’ve done here since moving to Chicago).

2. Millenium Park Summer Film Series

Plan a movie night at Millennium Park to sit, picnic and watch movies on a 40-foot LED screen (June 5 – August 21) see the full movie schedule here.

3. Divvy Bike Day 

Rent Divvy bikes for a day to explore the city.

4. Lollapalooza 

August 2-5

5. Windy City Smokeout

July 13-15

6. Sheffield Music Fest & Garden Walk

July 21 + 22, so excited about this! Lincoln Park residents open up their homes to showcase their home gardens.

7. Cubs Game at Wrigley 

Watch the Cubs play then go to the new Big Star across the street after for tacos and margaritas.

8. Castaways at the Beach

9. Rooftop pool at the Viceroy Hotel – Devereaux

10. Rooftop Sushi at Noyane (rooftop of the Conrad)

11. Watch the Air & Water Show

Aug. 18 +19 —> Best view: rooftop of Eugenie Terrace

12. Lincoln Park Farmers Market

13. Free Concerts at Millenium Park

Get the concert schedule here.

14. Navy Pier Fireworks

15. Wicker Park Fest


16. Parson’s Patio

A great summer patio spot with table table tennis & negroni slushies!

17. Rent a Cabana at the beach at Shore Club

18. Punch Bowl Social Game Night

A fun place for music, food, games, and drinks. Where brunch turns into a bowling party and a bowling parties turning into all-you-can-sing karaoke.

19. Drinks at Violet Hour

My favorite spot in my neighborhood for drinks!

20. Night out at The Disco

For a marathon dancing night – check it out here.



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10 Summer Goals I Set For Myself

Similar gingham romper | Dotted Hair Bow  | (If you saw my stories the other day, this is the tree I showed you guys that’s right outside my bedroom window (do not try this shot at home 😂)

 Whenever I share my goals on here, I feel like it holds me more accountable to actually follow through with them, so tonight I’m sharing a few of my random personal goals for the summer. I figured we could even work on some of these together and next month I’ll do a follow up post with updates! I consider who I am a constant work in progress and I think that frequently setting goals for yourself is a healthy way keep growing, learning, and evolving. My tip for how to hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals (big or small) is to write them down and hang them up on your wall in a spot where you’ll see them every day. Here’s what’s on my list for this summer:

  1. Smile at more strangers and be good to people for no reason.
  2. Learn ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ + ‘Hallelujah’ on the piano.
  3. Get better at actually reading God’s word (the bible!) and not just Christian books/devotionals.
  4. Go to the gym 4x per week and run outside more.
  5. Go home and visit family once a month.
  6. Eat clean(er) and meal prep on Sundays.
  7. Read & listen to more podcasts (loving Oprah’s SuperSoul Convos – thx for the suggestion!)
  8. Host an epic summer party 🙂
  9. Find a mentor & mentee
  10. Pursue an intimidating project

Some questions for you guys (comment on my Instagram post – it’s easier for me to respond and continue the convo on there!): for those of you who play the piano, any suggestions for fun songs to learn? Any meal prep experts who have good ideas for healthy & easy recipes for the week? We’re thinking of getting a DJ for our 90s summer party – any suggestions for Chicago DJ’s?? Any running tips for people who hate cardio (lol, im serious)?

Thanks for stopping by to read, looking forward to your responses 🙂 What are some personal goals you’ve set for yourself this season?

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