Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: Early Access

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Hey guys! Today is the first day of early access to the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for cardholders, woohoo! This is my favorite and pretty much only sale of the year that I shop. Today, Nordstrom released this season’s styles at a major discount. Styles include: cardigans, blouses, jeans, outerwear, shoes, purses, and all sorts of other beauty items. This is a great time to stock up for fall.
The sale goes public for those who don’t have a Nordstrom card on July 20th. There are some great designer items on sale this year including: Tory Burch, BP, Top Shop, Free People, Nike, and Wildfox. Items sell out incredibly fast so hurry to purchase your staples for this fall before they’re gone! If you don’t want to wait until July 20th to shop the leftover stock, consider signing up for a Nordstrom card today.
I’m on the plane headed to Vegas tonight for a trip with Conner and his family. We’re staying at the Aria and have so many fun things planned – thanks for all your suggestions! I’ll post on Instagram about my favorite things next week 🙂 Here are some items I have in my shopping cart from the #NSALE:



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An Inside Look at Chicago’s Chicest Yacht

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to step onboard one of Chicago’s chicest yachts, the H.R.H. Lola. If you’ve ever been out on a boat in Chicago, you might have seen her from a distance. It’s the only all black yacht in the Playpen and it’s hard to miss. She is fancyyy.

The yacht is owned by Anthony Michael Interior Design, a Chicago design firm that specializes in classical, contemporary and eclectic interior design for residences, restaurants, yachts, and private aircraft. H.R.H. Lola is their latest yacht, a classic 1977 Hatteras 60′ MY, that was transformed by the design team in 2017.

The yacht has been refreshed and redesigned. Out with white exterior, old paneling, dark interior, and shag carpet – and in with the gorgeous wall coverings, luxury fabrics, white leather, LED lighting, and custom decor. I had to post about my experience from our styled shoot for AKIRA on the H.R.H. Lola because it’s too good to not share! Here’s a few images from the shoot and a closer look at what’s inside…

I love the art deco touches and transitional design style. The yacht is glam and sophisticated, decorated with Anthony’s sleek and clean aesthetic. It’s the perfect setting for some of the most elegant entertaining on Lake Michigan. Whether the occasion is a corporate function, a party with friends, or a romantic overnight on the water, H.R.H. Lola provides a lasting and memorable experience. A classic yacht wrapped in luxury and sophistication. To see more Anthony Michael Interior Design work, visit the website here. Happy Tuesday guys, thanks for stopping by!

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How I Organized My Bathroom & Jewelry Drawers

[wearing: XS Romper, in yellow]

I finally got around to two organizational tasks that had been on my to-do list forever: my bathroom drawers & jewelry collection. My drawers were overflowing with old makeup and products I didn’t use anymore and my jewelry situation was a little out of control. Both were stressing me out 😳

I went through and finally got rid of everything in my bathroom that was expired and colors I’d never use again. Then I color coordinated and narrowed down my jewelry collection. The narrowing down process was the most time consuming part, but once that was finished, there were just 3 simple purchases I made that transformed my drawers and made everything look so much better.

This project was really affordable – I found everything at The Container Store, Target, and on Amazon. It’s a small update, but it really has made my every day life feel 10x more organized since I finished both projects 👍🏼


What I bought…

1. Shelf Liner: to line the shelves and drawers to prevent things from sliding around. I measured the drawers and the shelves and cut out the exact amount needed to line the bottom. I used this white foam liner

2. Clear Containers: to compartmentalize the different types of products

3. Jewelry Organizers: to keep pairs together and separate my different types of jewelry


The 3 Jewelry Dividers:

I bought 4 large 24 slot trays and put 2 next to each other in both drawers, 2 medium size trays for delicate jewelry, and 1 ring & stud organizer. The large organizer has slots big enough for all of my statement earrings.


I organized my 6 bathroom drawers into:

  • Make up I use everyday
  • Products I use everyday
  • New Makeup To Try
  • Face Masks
  • Nail polishes
  • Body Lotions
  • Hair tools + accessories
  • Serums, extras


My cabinets were organized into:

  • Hair products
  • Dental Floss Picks + Q-tips
  • 10 favorite lipstick colors, liners, and 3 favorite perfumes


And under the sink is where I put:

  • Sunscreen + tanning products
  • Medicines
  • Cleaning products


I wanted my counters to be clear so I would have space to do my hair and apply my makeup. Plus, I just love the clean look of it. Hope this gives you a little motivation to finally organize those drawers you been avoiding. You’ll feel so much better after it’s all done! I went through and linked as many of the products I use in my drawers as possible for you guys to shop and every thing else in the images above. Here ya go!:

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