Hi guys, here’s my latest playlist – a random mix of old and new favorites I’ve been listening to lately.  I usually have this one on while I’m doing emails or writing in my office, it’s relaxing music and helps me concentrate and get stuff done .. enjoy! xo



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To start off the week, I put together a post rounding up my 5 favorite products of the moment. I tend to stick to a certain brand once I find something I really love and use on a weekly basis. With so many different products on the market, choosing the best option to spend your money on can be tough. I’m hoping to help out by creating more posts like this with my recommendations so you too can find some new favorites!

Scalloped Voluspa Candles.

I’m a candle fanatic, so I’m always on the hunt for the newest scents and latest collections. I came across Voluspa’s new scalloped edge glass candles and fell in love with the delicate glass design. They’re the perfect decor accent to style in any room, whether it’s on top of books, in your office, on your bedside table, or nestled in a bookshelf. They’re light and feminine, add ambiance to any space, and smell delicious. I want them all!


And yes, I do realize the ‘dress’ I’m wearing in this post is actually a shirt. Realized that after I found it online.. short girl probs. AND – my new Ralph Lauren table lamps were actually a steal I found at Home Goods, but here are a few similar options I love: 


Essie Gel Polish

Can’t stand the sight of chipped nail polish? Me either. I try to always keep a fresh set of nails and keep things interested by switching up my polish color pretty often. Essie changed the game when they came out with their new Gel Couture collection. It’s perfect for the weeks when I can’t make it into the nail salon for a set of gel nails or when I want to save money. It lasts almost as long as when I get them professionally done, it’s extra shiny, and the colors option are beautiful. No lamp is required and removal is easy. All you do is paint on a couple layers of your favorite color then top it with the special gel top-coat (this purple color is ‘Dress Call’). Also – storing your polishes is a unique way to store and display them! I linked a couple similar glass jars below.



Advanced Clinicals Argan Oil Intensive Beauty Cream

In my recent ‘ beauty habits I believe in‘ blog post, I mentioned the importance of moisturizing your entire body every time after getting out of the shower. It’s beneficial for both the health and appearance of your skin. I’ve tried all different kinds of body lotions over the years, but Advanced Clinicals Argan Oil Beauty Cream is by far my favorite and what I use every single day. It’s not greasy or sticky feeling at all, the Moroccan Oil scent is fresh and light, and it’s packed full of green tea, aloe vera, and chamomile that tightens and firms while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re interested in trying out my favorite body lotion, Advanced Clinicals is offering 30% off to any of my readers if they use code Olivia30 at checkout.

AH1_9788-Edit AH1_9792-EditAH1_9813-Edit

Ambre Blends Perfume

I use it, my mom uses it, my aunt uses it, and I’ve gotten a bunch of my girl friends hooked on it. All I can say is you have to smell this stuff for yourself. The Ambre Blends ‘Unmasque Pure Essence Oil‘ roll-on oil perfume is so fresh and unique smelling – people stop me in public all the time to ask what the scent is! I tend to get tired of certain perfumes easily, but this one has been at the top of my list for years. And the little roll-on applicator lasts forever – I apply it on my wrists and neck.


Professional Makeup Brush Collection

I use this set of makeup brushes from Vanity Planet to apply everything including my foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, eye shadow, etc. This Cruelty Free collection of 15 brushes comes in a clean, convenient rollout pouch with protective flaps to keep them clean and protected. The brushes are all extremely soft which makes for a smooth and streak free application with every product. Plus, it’s so easy to store when I travel! This collection of brushes is usually $100, but if you use code OLIVIA7, it’s 70% off! Which means you can get all 15 of these brushes for $30 here: They sold out once before so get them now while they’re still available!

AH1_9770-EditAH1_9755-Edit-2AH1_9740-Edit AH1_9732-Edit-Edit



Thanks for reading! Hope this inspired you to try out some new products.. what are your favorites?

xo, Olivia // photography by Sed Bona


OH, and had to throw this in from Instagram (big sis & lil sis shirts!) Linked below:

OliviaRinkMuMu OliviaRinkMuMu2


Hi guys, happy Sunday!

Last week I reached out to my stylist at Trunk Club to see if she could put together a trunk full of items I could use to style outfits for my upcoming trip to New York Fashion Week in September. This is one of the biggest events of the year in the fashion industry, so I wanted to get a head start on putting my outfits together for all of the shows, events, and parties during my trip! My stylist is incredible and knows my body type & taste perfectly by now, so it’s always so much fun partnering on outfit planning.

If you’re planning any upcoming trips, looking to update your wardrobe for fall, or just wanting a free personal stylist to help dress you within the comfort of your home – this is the best way to do it. Contact Kelsey here to get started on your first trunk. It’s a completely free service, the only thing you pay for are the items you end up keeping from the trunk they send right to your doorstep!

KelseyTC TrunkClub2

Here are the outfit ideas & accessories we put together for NYFW:

Dresses + rompers for parties, events, and shows:

Photo Aug 17-2

‘Paige’ Metallic Embroidered Chiffon Shift Dress (wearing XS) 


Navy Embroidered Romper (wearing XS) / Heels / Bag 


Long Sleeve Embroidered Dress (wearing XS) 


Natalie Green Jacquard Dress (wearing 0) 

The perfect cross body bag for the week:

I’ve been saving up to invest in a designer bag that I could wear with everything and use for years. This Chloe ‘Drew’ Leather Crossbody Bag is big enough to fit everything I need, a neutral color to match all outfits, and so iconic!


Outfits for during the day:


Suede Skirt (affordable option) / Cream Sweater


Crop Top + Suede Skirt


Navy Dress + Moto Jacket 



Sweater Crop


Shoes for comfort:


Wedges Above 

A watch that pairs well with everything:


Michele Watch

Thanks for reading! Get in contact with Trunk Club today to start planning your fall wardrobe! xoxo