Starting my morning with my favorite scents…

Happy Monday people! I was asked to participate in the #ScentGoals campaign sponsored by Herbal Essences to try out each unique scent from their body wash collection. Today I’m sharing my [...]

Lessons I Learned from Kentucky Cheerleading

I learned about a lot more than just cheerleading from my experience on Kentucky’s 20-time national championship squad. I’m so thankful for the opportunities it provided me with and [...]

How I Stay Organized

 I recently found out that there are actually people out there who specialize in organization. Like, it’s their full time job… “professional organizer”…So now [...]

3 Braids for Fall

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing three braided hairstyles for the fall. I get in the habit of doing the same thing with my hair every day, but just like you change up your outfits, it’s nice to do [...]

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