I’ll admit it.. I’m the worst when it comes to choosing between going out or staying in. I blame my giant fluffy bed and sectional that’s like quick sand. But my friends know they don’t have to ask me twice about having a girl’s night in.

Apparently studies show that there’s an overwhelming amount of millennials trading their night out for a night in. And it has to do with the way our generation glorifies “being busy”. By the time Friday hits, people are burnt out from a high-stress week. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for a fun night out in the city, but I’m here to reassure all the home bodies out there that staying in is the new going out. Because we all know coming up with a good excuse for not going out can get exhausting 😉

1. You’ll actually get to connect and spend quality time with your friends

We all know trying to have a conversation with someone while screaming over loud bar music is a lost cause. I’d much rather have my friends over to the house so we can clearly hear all the things going on in each other’s lives. I’d trade that for a shallow conversation at a bar any day. And for all the single girls out there – speaking from years of experience – 9 times out of 10 a crowded bar isn’t where you’re gonna find the man of your dreams, just sayin.

2. You’ll feel like gold when you wake up in the morning

You can start the night earlier..which means the night ends earlier..which means you’re looking at 8 hours of sleep ahead of you, woohoo! And as long as there’s not too much pinot involved, you’ll feel much better from skipping out on the shots and drinks (and your skin will look better). Plus, you won’t ruin the next mornings brunch with a hangover 🙂

3. The food options are endless

Whether you’re making a home cooked meal and actually using the groceries you bought that week, or scrolling through your favorite takeout app – the options are endless! I usually use Seamless or Postmates. You can’t go wrong with Thai food or sushi for girl’s night in.

4. You’ll save money.

Ubers, cover to get in, drinks… buying a new outfit to go out in. These things add up.

5. You can be comfy!!

There aren’t many things I love more than putting on comfy clothes and cuddling up in fluffy blankets. SO – to inspire you, here are some links to my favorite comfy things and candles. Plus, if you’re like me a put a lot of time into making your house feel cozy and home-y, this is the perfect time to actually enjoy the space you put together.

6. You’ll have time for your actual interests and hobbies

Anyone else trying to work on their list of hobbies? Well – there’s no better time to do it than in your free time. Instead of spending money and running around the city, opt out one weekend and spend your time working on something you’ve been putting off. Piano lessons, finishing that book, working on your passion project..

Hoping I inspired you to be a little more boring next weekend. Working on turning your FOMO into JOMO, one self-help blog post at a time 😂

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  • May

    It’s so true! By the time Friday comes, I’m so tired and burnt out that all I want to do is go home and sleep in.

    May ||

  • Angie

    Yes, I agree. After a chaotic week, the best thing to do is actually taking a breather. Night in with friends or even some alone tome is absolutely amazing. Night out in the city is fun but only from time to time cause its actually hard to get busy friends together more often. Anyways, love the post. Inspirational ^^

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