1. A thought: Figure out exactly what it is that makes you the happiest, and recreate those moments/things as often as possible. Whether it’s a weekly phone call with your mom, a wine night with your best friend, traveling to somewhere new, or just alone time to read before you fall asleep. Be intentional about creating a life you truly love.

2. A piece of advice: Say ‘no’ more often. Saying yes to everything to please others is kind, but you’ll eventually wear yourself out. It’s great to say yes to new experiences, but realize it’s ok to turn things down every once in a while. It might seem selfish, but sometimes it’s the best way to keep your anxiety levels down. No dinners out, no events, no extra work at night. Nope.

3. A quote: “Health is not just about what you’re eating. It’s about what you’re thinking and saying.” SO TRUE. Your thoughts become reality and what you think, you become. Understand the power of your mind and program it for success & happiness.

4. A song I love right now: we’ve had this one on repeat at our house for the past week. Nothing quite like a good cover song: ‘Torn’ by James TW.

5. Something I learned today: this morning I had a facial and the woman doing it gave me this tip: when applying moisturizer to your face, don’t rub it around and stretch your skin – that causes wrinkles! Instead, ‘pat’ the product onto your face so your skin absorbs the product. It’s the little things!

Happy (almost) Friday guys 🙂

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  • Sammy


    I’ve followed you on Instagram for a few months now but just recently started to look through your blog. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement! I just love how real you are about life, love, work, and have given such good advice for young women like myself.

    I’m commenting just to hear your thoughts about something I’ve been struggling with as a young college woman lately. Drinking and partying is a part of me and my friend’s social life, but recently every time I’ve drank and gone out I wake up feeling anxious and like I did something wrong, even if I didn’t. Basically, even though I’m only 20, I’m over the whole club and crazy bar scene.

    I’m nervous that if after college and I move to a new city, not going out will hurt my way of meeting friends, guys, or my social life in general. How do you go about this?


  • Kari Hopkins

    Love this! Definitely needed to hear (read) this…especially the part about saying nope ✋🏻

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