So many of my friends and fam are scattered ALL over the country, and with everyone’s busy schedules, staying in touch can get preeeetty hard at times. Now that the holidays are over and life has settled down a little bit (barely), I sent out a few little reminders to some of the people I love but don’t always get to see to let them know I’m thinking about them.

My girls at Packed Party have the cutest concept for staying in touch: a party in a box delivered to the doorstep of someone you miss. It’s an easy and unique way to celebrate with a friend who: just got a new job, bought a house, had a baby, got married, is newly single, whatever it is – celebrate every tiny victory! Each package is centered around a life occurrence or theme and includes four to five full-sized hand-picked items based around that theme. Here are thee three boxes I sent out to friends last week:


The Mamabear Package: to one of my best friends who just had twin baby boys 8 days ago (!!) She’ll definitely be needing this care package full of all kinds of pampering products. See what’s inside here.

The YAY you Package: to my BFF in Kentucky who just bought her first home with her fiancé.. I’m going to see it next week but thought this would be a fun little somethin-somethin to get in the mail before we pop champagne in the new house! See what’s inside here.

The Thanks x Million Package: to my sweet Mom who deserves a hundred packed parties a week. Just a little reminder of how grateful I am for her. See what’s inside here.

Pink Ruffle Top (more colors) || High-waisted Jeans || Birdies Slippers

Other ways to stay in touch:

Plan trips – girls vacay

Tag each other in stupid memes and funny Instagrams

Meet somewhere in the middle

Send cards – it’s more personal

Send them links to things that remind you of them

Schedule Phone Calls – or it won’t happen

Venmo her $5 for coffee

Random FaceTime calls


Did this bring someone to mind? Send them a party!

xo Happy Friday



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  • Annaliese

    I love these sweet ideas! I went to college very far from my home state, so it’s a struggle sometimes to keep up with old high school friends. And now that I’ll probably be moving again this year, I’ll have college friends to keep up with us well! Love the idea of venmo-ing a friend surprise money for coffee!

    xoxo A

  • Stephanie Terrone

    Such a fun idea. I’ve done boxes here and there on my own for friends but it’s nice to have the option to send something that’s already put together. I love surprising my friends too!

  • Sarah

    Love your blog and have followed since the beginning! However, every time I try to subscribe to your newsletter, it tells me to please select from a list? But there are no lists. I wish there was a way to be alerted on my laptop when you post, or if there was a way to have you on my dashboard/safari or something! Just something I think you should keep in mind 🙂 xoxo

  • Kelly Hoover

    Aw Olivia this is such a fun and sweet idea! Now I want to send all of my friends a cute little surprise box! SO sweet.

    Hope you have a great week!


    Kelly Hoover

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