My Weekend With Express

John and I were so excited when Express reached out to us about co-hosting their nation wide denim campaign for their Chicago market. It’s always so cool as a blogger when a brand you love [...]

Affordable Denim Shorts For Summer

Denim shorts are one of my most worn items of clothing during the summer. But does anyone else have such a hard time finding jeans shorts you actually like to wear?? They can be so uncomfortable [...]

Random Acts of Kindness & Other Thoughts

Yellow Bodysuit: Otherwise Topless (XXS) from my friend Missy’s collection she just started in Chicago. Customize your top in the style & color you choose. Go Missy, proud of you! (shorts are [...]

My Favorite Petite-Friendly Brands

Shop this petite friendly outfit here:  0 Whenever I meet an Instagram friend or blog reader in person for the first time, their initial reaction is usually some version of “OMG, [...]

Quote to Self

(wearing size XS) Some mornings I wake up in a weird mood for no reason. Maybe it has to do with a bad dream…or possibly the weather?…but most of the time, there’s just no [...]

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