Girls Weekend Beauty Guide

When I moved to Chicago 5 months ago, I had no idea that my random roommate living upstairs with me was about to become one of my best friends. Life is funny. Some seasons it takes things away [...]

Shiny Hair Secrets

While trends come and go, a shiny, healthy, bouncy head of hair will never go out of style. Whenever people ask how I keep my hair growing long and shiny, my main piece of hair advice is that you [...]

9 Beauty Habits I believe In

There are a few beauty habits that I truly believe make a difference when it comes to, well, your beauty! With so many different products on the market, it’s hard to determine which ones [...]

Healthy skin + hair + nails

I’ll be honest – I originally decided to try out Vital Proteins because I read an article Jennifer Aniston wrote where she talked about how they did wonders for her hair, nails and [...]

Aloha, Summer

Let’s be honest, everyone looks better with a tan. But unfortunately we all know the kind of damage the sun does to our skin. I’m a frequent spray-tanner (read about that here) [...]

This Weekend: 12 Ways to Pamper Yourself

The importance of treating yourself is often overlooked. I’ve always struggled with being too hard on myself and I have a pretty tough time turning things off and actually taking the time [...]