YOU GUYS. I’m almost done moving back into my apartment in Chicago! Finally! It’s been a crazy few months going from place to place living out of a suitcase. I just finished hanging everything back up in my closet and organizing my shoes in color order (bc I’m crazy) and it feels SO GOOD to almost have everything back in it’s place. I’m so happy to be back in the city. I’ve been traveling a lot and have gone to New York a few times since we had to move out because of the fire, but honestly no other city compares to Chicago (in my opinion..I love it here 🙂 ) I’ve been getting a lot of emails about fun things to do in Chicago in the summer, where to stay, where to eat, etc. so I’m starting to work on a few posts about what to do if you’re visiting or moving here! I have some fun summer trips planned with the first one coming up next week and I can’t wait to start showing you the new kitchen and a couple other home decor projects going on around here. Here’s a little sneak peek of my article in American Cheerleader Magazine’s summer issue featuring 3 braid styles for summertime. Summer is such a good time to give your hair a break from the hot tools & constant washing  because beachy hair is in and gives you an excuse to have that tousled messy look! Here’s a little inspirational braid ideas to try out on your pre or post beach-hair this season:

Boho Fishtail Braid

Sleek Double Dutch Braids

Romantic Braid Crown

See this full article & a new feature every season by subscribing to the print or digital version of American Cheerleader Magazine right here. All Photography by Lexi Marie Photo & All braid styles by Tory Vejseli. Thanks for reading and hope you have a great week! xo
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  • Keri Elaine

    The double dutch braids are so cute! I must say though the braid crown is fabulous. I will definitely check your article in Cheer magazine for more details!
    Keri Elaine

    • Keri Elaine

      BTW I completely missed the original post about your home having an electrical fire! I am so glad you and your roommates were okay. Praying that you all get bigger blessing out of that scary situation.

  • Reply

    AHH yes I love the hair posts!! Every style is soooo cute. I especially love the last one! GORGEOUS!

    Kelly Hoover

  • Kate

    Your hair is so long but also has great body and volume up top! Can you direct me to a post about how you get so much volume in your hair?? Or can you do a tutorial please 🙂

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