Bodysuit (0 Petite) on sale | Black Ripped Jeans | Stud Earrings | Black Heels 


For the most part, I typically like to dress inside the lines – neutral colors, feminine silhouettes, and things that are comfortable. BUT.. sometimes it’s kinda fun to just let your hair down and get dressed up in something a little funkier for no reason. Or if there is a reason – birthdays, bachelorettes, etc. – even better 💃🏼

I’ve been taking more risks with color, patterns, and styles lately and it’s actually made going out even more fun. I wore this *very extra* mesh and sequined bodysuit to a rooftop dinner with my girlfriends last night and I swear it just made the night more fun 😂And I’ve never received more compliments in my life than these crazy studded boots I wore to Lollapalooza.

I put together a little shop of some going out pieces I want to get for nights out when I feel like dressing a little outside the box. I hope you find something you like! Don’t overthink it – if it looks like fun and feels like you, who cares if it’s a little extra? Tag me on IG if you get any of these and post a pic in it!

Hope you guys are having a good week so far! I’m going home this weekend to hang out with my parents and Nani on Friday and then I’ll be back in Chicago to catch the end of the Air & Water Show! We are going to Shore Club Chi to watch on Sunday – they have a pretty great brunch/open bar situation going on – check their site if you’re looking for somewhere to watch the show. xo, liv

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  • May

    You look amazing in that bodysuit! I’m definitely eyeing that emerald green pleated skirt.

    May ||

  • Jenny Yang

    that top is BEYOND stunning! Love the extra pop it gives you!
    xx jen

  • Foria lena

    You looks beautiful…
    Freelancer Website Design

  • ABBY

    So I saw this post last summer (??) when you originally posted it, and I LOVED the bodysuit but kind of forgot about it slash was not sure when I would ever wear it. Anyway, fast forward six months and I am getting ready to go to EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival, haha) and this post randomly popped into my head and I checked to see if the bodysuit was still available- IT WAS! I ordered it right away (0 petite!) and within seconds it was sold out. I must have been lucky enough to snag the last one. Anyway, I got it today and obviously had to try it on immediately and it is PERFECT! Honestly the quality is shockingly good and it is so so soft. I can’t wait to wear it under the electric sky! THANK YOU!

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