Hi guys! I got hit hard with the flu yesterday morning, so it’s been a rough couple of days.  I’m spending today catching up on work, but wanted to share my most recent playlist I’ve been listening to with you all. And for those of you asking about the songs I use when I scroll through my blog posts on my snapchat – most of them are in this playlist! I posted this dress on my Instagram last week, but here’s the link to shop it online with a few other spring dresses I love:


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  • Jasmine Grace

    Hey Olivia, These photos are absolutely gorgeous of you, as always! I am sorry to hear you got the flu recently. Hope you feel better. I love how you were able to share your Spotify playlist in your blog post. It’s so cool it is clickable and able to play live! (I thought it was just a screenshot at first, hah). How were you able to do that? I’d love to hear!

    xoxo, Jasmine Grace

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