Random Acts of Kindness & Other Thoughts

Yellow Bodysuit: Otherwise Topless (XXS) from my friend Missy’s collection she just started in Chicago. Customize your top in the style & color you choose. Go Missy, proud of you! (shorts are 501 Levis sz 24)

You and I both know I spend a lot of time on here giving you inspo on what to wear and how to do your hair and makeup. But like Ann Voskamp said, there are plenty of women in this world who can tell you exactly how you should be doing your hairRight now, what the world needs is more women talking about the more important things. And I thought Sunday night was good timing for me to ramble a little bit about what’s been going through my head.

So what are those “hard and holy things”? It’s acts of service, loving people when you don’t want to, forgiving people when you don’t want to, holding back judgmental thoughts, standing up for what’s right. The not-so-glamorous definition of what it means to be a “strong” woman. I’m learning more every day about how I can do a better job of sharing God’s light while I have this platform. Because that’s what really matters.  Believe me, I have plenty of work cut out for myself in this area. But I know what the most important part of my job is as an influencer. And I know why I was really given a voice. And it’s not just to show you how to curl your hair.

The fastest path to discontentment is to constantly be searching for ways to make yourself happier/prettier/richer. I’m so guilty of getting caught up in the wrong things, but I’m always reminded of what true happiness really looks like.

The path to contentment and purpose starts putting others before yourself. And this can be done in the SIMPLEST ways. Start by asking yourself at the beginning of the day: “Who has God placed in my path today to serve? Who could use a chore or favor? A reminder of why they matter? I came up with a list of ideas for how you can make someone’s day better this week. Little things that say: “I love you, you’re important to me, and here’s how I’m going to prove it to you”

  1. Fold your roommate’s laundry if they left their clothes in the dryer.
  2. Email a friend an article you know they’d be interested in.
  3. Give your waiter/waitress a very generous tip. It will make her night.
  4. When someone sends you a Venmo payment, instead of accepting it just ask that they pay it forward.
  5. Educate yourself about brands that give back and make more of an effort to choose those brands.
  6. Send someone your favorite book.
  7. Make a conscious effort to be a friendlier driver this week.
  8. Compliment a stranger on something you admire about them.
  9. Write a positive Yelp review about a local business you love.
  10. Leave a really good employee review.
  11. Fill the Brita back up and change the toilet paper roll at home. It’s the little things you guys.
  12. Recycle
  13. Let someone cut in line who has fewer items than you.
  14. Send a thankful appreciation text to someone who deserves it. It will make a difference.
  15. Leave a note for your roommate in the morning.

Screenshot this post and look back at it throughout this week. Make a difference you guys!

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My Favorite Petite-Friendly Brands

Shop this petite friendly outfit here: 


Whenever I meet an Instagram friend or blog reader in person for the first time, their initial reaction is usually some version of “OMG, you’re so little”. Yep, at 4’11” I’m extremely petite 🙋so it can get a little tricky when it comes to shopping. Actually scratch that it’s near impossible to find clothes that fit me correctly.

I know a lot of you who read my blog are also petite, so here are some tips about what I do to rock my barely 5′ frame – in photos and in real life. Also – for sizing reference when ordering, I typically wear a XXS, 00, size 24 pants, and 5.5 shoe.

A tailor is a must.  

There just isn’t any way around this one. Perfectly fitting clothing will change your life – especially if you’re used to everything being a full size too big. It’s a big investment, but the pieces I’ve taken to my tailor to customize are the clothing items I wear the most often. When clothes fit correctly – especially in my waist, bust, and the length is right – the outfit looks 100x better.

Use Your Angles. 

You have to learn a thing or two about your angles 😉Put one foot forward in pictures and push your hips back a little –  this elongates your legs and makes your waist look tiny. Keeping your shoulders back and relaxed helps too. My photographer usually uses a wide angle camera lens to capture my shots.  The trick is to shoot up and slightly tilt the lens.

The Higher the Heel.

Heels change everything. My posture, attitude,  and confidence. I’ve built up a pretty solid collection of neutral heels + wedges that I can pair with almost any outfit. Steve Madden shoes are my favorite. Platforms shoes like the one’s I’m wearing above are really trendy right now, don’t know how I feel about them yet!

Petite Friendly Brands I Love

Ok guys, here it is. After years of putting outfits together, I’ve come up with a trustworthy list of brands that I can count on to be true to size and petite friendly. Here are my go-to’s for online shopping:

Asos Petites

Topshop Petites

MissGuided Petites

Pretty Little Thing Petites

Boohoo Petites

Express Petites


Urban Outfitters

Revolve (size xxs fits every time)

Charlotte Russe


H & M

Hope you find some good petite options on these sites! It’s where I find all my gems 🙂 Thanks for reading guys, good night!

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Quote to Self

(wearing size XS)

Some mornings I wake up in a weird mood for no reason. Maybe it has to do with a bad dream…or possibly the weather?…but most of the time, there’s just no explanation. I’m assuming this happens to you every once in a while.. right?

Starting my day off in the right direction really all comes down to my thoughts – not my circumstances. If you make the decision to choose to be positive and grateful from the second you open your eyes in the morning, you will change your life. A happier life starts with a decision to not let your feelings or thoughts get the best of you.

Decision making is one thing I really struggle with. I put a ton of energy and effort into my decisions, so I guess it’s makes sense that this is something I get anxious about.  You guys know I’m such a quotes person, so I wanted to share this one I saw this morning that gave me so much peace of mind on the topic..

I’ve always had an appetite for well-expressed wisdom. I’m a deep thinker and I tend to always question things instead of just blindly accepting what I hear. I think quotes do such a good job of helping us see something in ourselves that we want to change or overcome. Here are a few of my favorites to get you through the week and make you think a little deeper.

We all have the power inside ourselves to change our mindset. It’s a conscious decision you make in the morning to NOT feel bad for yourself. To not compare yourself to other people or situations. Your power comes from knowing how to control your negative thinking. And there is so much power in that!! xo

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