3 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing About Your Feelings

Before I started blogging, I used to keep a journal to record things. I’d write about my thoughts, things that happened, my happy moments, and the not-so-happy moments. I used it as a prayer journal, but also just to write down things I loved and the stuff that happened to me at a specific time in my life. I pulled it out the other night and read some of the pages. I was mostly laughing at myself (😂) but some things gave me so much nostalgia for the past. Especially when I was reading pages from being in college and living with Linds in our old apartment. The simple life!

I’ve always been a big believer in writing about your feelings. Putting your feelings into words can actually produce therapeutic effects in the brain.. so here’s 3 reasons for why I think you need to start writing about your feelings…

  1. You remember and learn. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but there is no better teacher than pain. When we are at our weakest we are the most malleable. I know those hard things are just tools God uses to mold us into the people he wants us to be. I swear, if we would just learn the first time around – He probably wouldn’t have to teach us the same lesson twice. So maybe if we write down our lessons, we’ll be more likely to not make the same mistake twice? When we know better, we do better. “The great thing about mistakes is that’s how you learn to not do the same thing again” —Bobbi Brown.
  2. It’s kind of like venting. Verbalizing our feelings makes our sadness, anger, and pain less intense. You get to see your thoughts down on paper (or computer screen) and think them over. It helps you to process things. It’s kind of like talking to a therapist – getting your feelings out so you can work through your problems in your mind before you try to take action. There are pictures and blog posts I love looking back on and reading, and there are some I’d rather archive and never read again. But, the ups and downs are all a part of your story that have molded you into a better, smarter, and stronger person.
  3. You can connect & relate to others. We all know there’s nothing that makes you feel more normal than the second someone else says “ no way, me too!” There’s just an incomparable kind of comfort that comes from knowing someone else understands your struggle, situation, or thoughts. Humans hate to feel alone. Alone in singleness, alone in our relationships, and alone in our hardships. That’s why relating to others and connecting with other people is so important. It makes you feel a little more normal!

Who else uses some kind of journal to write about their thoughts & feelings? If you don’t do it yet, try it this month! Thanks for reading and happy September! Just bought Bath & Body works fall candles so feeling pretty on top of things rn 😂 Happy LDW!

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Comfy Dresses For When You Wanna Look Cute But You’re Lazy

My most worn piece of clothing in my closet right now is a striped t-shirt dress I bought from Forever 21 almost two years ago… ironic, right? We all have those go-to pieces hanging in our closets that are easy to throw on when you want to look presentable but don’t want to have to put to much effort into your outfit.

Since I typically avoid putting jeans on unless I have to and always feel more comfortable in dresses, I’m sharing a collection of my favorite ‘comfy + casual’ every day dresses in this post. Perfect for those days when you want to look cute but you’re too lazy to try 😊PS, how cute is this petite ribbed camo dress? Perfect for traveling or running errands – and it’s only $12!

Petite Camo Dress (0 petite) only $12 | Navy NY Baseball Cap | Chambray Shirt (around waist)| Silver Hoops | Pink Adidas Shoes

I spent the whole month of August at home in Chicago with no traveling and it’s been so relaxing! I feel so caught up on things for the first time in a long time. This week is the calm before the storm – New York Fashion Week starts next week! I’m finalize my outfits, shows, and events for NYC and can’t wait to show you guys what we came up with. ALSO – something exciting happening in about week so stay tuned 😉

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My Everyday It-Bags For Fall 2018

I’m planning ahead and ordering my fall it-bags today before they sell out! You guys know I love my Hammitt bags, so I’m showing you the 3 bags I ordered for Fall/Winter 2018 as my everyday go-to bags. Hammitt’s leather is hands down the best quality leather I’ve experience on any handbag. The more you wear them, the better they look – and their color options & styles make them so versatile for every occasion. I love how these bags aren’t over the top flashy or too fancy looking and they’re so comfortable to wear. That’s why they’re always what I grab to take with me before walking out the door. Like I’ve said before – you know it’s your ‘it bag’ when it goes to the gym, dinner, drinks, and grocery store with you!

The bag to run around town in:

The Shane Backpack: designed with two zippered compartments, an external cell phone pocket and adjustable straps. Available in two other colors.

The bag to wear to meetings & errands:

The Daniel Tote Bag: their most popular tote is made with the softest Italian leather, features a large main zipper compartment, exterior cellphone pocket, and a long adjustable cross body strap.

The bag to wear to dinner & drinks:

Dillon Crossbody Bag: This bag can be worn six different ways. With the flip of a flap Dillon is ready for any occasion. More colors on site.

Hammitt gave me this code: OLIVIARINK that is valid for any bag over $300 on this page. This code is valid for a complimentary Nash Small in limited edition colors when you purchase a fall bag over $300.

We shot these pictures for this new Hammitt collection back in April when Alicia and I were in California. I still can’t get over how cool they turned out! We woke up early and hiked up to this spot picture-perfect spot with a clear view of the Hollywood sign. Do any of you own a Hammitt bag yet, would love to hear why you love yours in the comments below or on my Instagram post tonight! xo

Tank top | Denim Shorts | Double Buckle Belt | Bag | Boots 

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