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Hi guys! Weekends can get a little crazy, so it’s nice to slow down, relax, and enjoy your Sunday by sleeping in, spending time with the fam, and getting organized.

Today I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to YOU guys. I never thought pursuing a simple hobby could turn in to such a cool platform for me to share the things I’m passionate about with so many other girls out there. When you work hard on something that you love, it’s so rewarding to know there are people out there who are inspired and influenced by your work! I can’t tell you all enough how much your comments, emails, and feedback mean to me. Blogging is scary sometimes – it’s basically putting yourself out there for people to criticize your every move, and a lot of the time writing to the public about your thoughts and opinions isn’t always the easiest thing. So seriously you guys, you’re awesome – thank you for making me feel the love!

I’m in the process of giving my website a serious makeover + making it a little more user friendly, and I need your input! What do you like, what do you hate, what suggestions do you have for me, etc.? I’ve set up a very quick reader survey and it would mean so much to me if you just took about 30 seconds to fill it out. Thank you I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday with the people (or pets) you love!

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