Weird fact about me and music:

I used to listen to a lot of the same artists during the beginning of college that really I loved. Then one year during school, I went through a sad period that really rocked me. It was a combination of a few things, but mainly a breakup, stress/pressure from nationals, and serious insomnia issues. For some reason, during this period in my life I stopped listening to the music I loved. Those songs would instantly bring back memories that were attached to this time in my life that I didn’t want to think about, so I just stopped listening altogether.


I’ve gone through a lot of phases like this over the years where I’ve stopped listening to certain songs because of the memories they were attached to. Isn’t it crazy how intensely music triggers the parts of our brain that evoke emotions? Emotions enhance the memory process and music evokes strong emotions, which is why music is such a big player in the formation of our memories. Collide by Howie Day reminds me of high school love and learning how to drive. Gravity by Sarah Barielles reminds me of rebuilding myself after a breakup. Ellie Goulding songs remind me of when I first moved to Chicago and went to her concert. And for some reason The Weeknd reminds me of falling in love with Conner (😂so romantic).

It’s funny how now that I’ve made peace with past situations that have put little scars on my heart, I’m able to listen to that music again without the negative emotions. Music will always bring back memories, but just because it reminds us of harder times doesn’t mean we have to push them away. We have to learn to embrace the memories because they’re a part of our unique story.

I’ve never been able to define my taste in music, but it’s a lot of the same female vocalists, acoustic versions, covers, and piano led songs. Songs that make you feel something and that have a melody that captures you within the first few seconds of the song. Lately I’ve been in a really good headspace where I’ve felt at peace with the things happening in my life which is what inspired this playlist. Sharing it with you with hopes that it eases your mind and gives you something pretty to listen to..

What songs trigger vivid memories for you? Is there a specific artist or album from the past that stirs powerful emotions in you that transport you back in time? Let me know tonight  on Instagram so I can respond 🙂

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  • Brianna

    I love finding new music to listen to 🙂
    Brianna |

  • Amber

    Love that “Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy is on your playlist! This song reminds me of my Freshman year of college, when my roommates and I would blast it whenever any of us were going through a breakup. It was like a sign that whoever was playing it was ready to talk/vent and we would get ice cream, sit in our PJs, and watch reality TV while supporting each other!

  • Brittney

    Yes! Thank you for doing another playlist blog. I cant wait to listen to these and discover new tunes.

  • Erin

    Riptide x Vance Joy reminds me of early college memories
    Anyhow… x Tyler Lyle, Last Love Song x ZZ Ward, Where I Stood x Missy Higgins, & Shadow Preachers x Zella Day all remind me of my lowest/saddest point in the middle of college.
    Starving x Hailee Steinfeld reminds me of falling in love with my husband-to-be (in 3 weeks!) LOL

    It has always amazed me how music can immediately take you to a certain place/time and allll of the feelings come right back. Thanks for sharing – I really enjoy your content! -Erin

  • Tee

    Theme tune to ‘Legends of the fall’/ the song samuel sings at the piano and vide cor muem original libretto in Italian (singers Danielle de Niese and Bruno Lazzaretti) and Ave Maria Mario Lanza.. always evoke strong feelings the last one my dad loved and a family friend sang at his funeral. X

  • William Cramer

    Really like “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”
    “Take my hand, take my whole life too.” This sentence is just so amazing and makes the whole world light up. I still feel like this lyric was written to prove love and I love this line so much.

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