C.S. Lewis is hands down my favorite author – his words always hit home with me. I really admire his spiritual perspective and how it significantly helps me to learn more about myself and my Creator. He’s such a beautiful writer, and this first quote (below), is one of the best things about him: He writes about what comes to his head before it’s completely clear in his mind. Those are the best kind of authors and that is a big reason for why people (like me) enjoy writing – it helps clear your mind, express your thoughts, and relate to others on a more personal level.


I hope some of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes can touch your heart and make you feel the love of Christ in some way tonight – and don’t just read them, really ponder their full meaning and how they pertain to your life. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you start reading my favorite book of his, ‘Mere Christianity’. It’s one that will change your life and you’ll come back to it so many times. I’m also reading ‘A Grief Observed’ and started ‘Four Loves’ a while ago but haven’t finished those yet. If you’re reading either of these or interested in hearing more about them feel free to email me about them, I love talking about them! xo, liv










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  • Anna

    I really appreciated this post! Extremely uplifting on this Good Friday!

  • Benjamin A. Pete

    Stumbled across this post on Twitter and I really enjoyed reading these quotes. “Mere Christianity” is one of my favorites as well. Thanks for sharing. God Bless!

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