Hi! I stopped into Fairgrounds Coffee today in Wicker Park and I can’t believe that was my first time in there. I’m always looking for spots by my house to get work done or have meetings at and this place checked all the boxes. Good lattes, very good food (avocado toast!), and plugs under the tables – important!! Plus it’s so cute and has big windows for people watching and natural light. If you live in the area it’s definitely worth trying.

I’ve been getting messages asking about certain songs I’ve been playing in the background of some of my Instagram stories, so tonight I’m uploading an August playlist of what I’ve been listening to lately.  Some throwbacks, good remixes, new stuff, and some suggestions you guys have sent me (thank you!). It’s a good playlist for background music while you work or for self-help nights at home when you want to unwind with herbal tea, a mask, and some wine. Happy hump day!

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