I’ll make this short and sweet because I know everyone’s schedule is crazy right now because it’s crunch time! Here’s a list of things Conner really loves. He’s very particular (which makes shopping for him impossible) but, you’re in luck because he’s helped me put together a list of things your guy will LOVE. So if you want to get him something special but have no idea where to start, these are all Conner-approved man-gifts that will make you girlfriend/wife of the year 🙂 Hope you find something special for him!

1. This Custom Photo Book from Artifact Uprising: this is one of the gifts I made Conner for Christmas this year. I love this because it’s so personal. I posted about it on my story last night (see it in my ‘engaged’ highlight), this is the exact book I made for him (7×7 book in grey with 50 pages).

2. Cuts Clothing Shirts: these are the shirts I’ve been posting about that Conner loves. Now all his friends are wearing them too 😂

3. RM Williams boots: Conner’s been asking for a durable pair of leather boots that can withstand rain/snow to wear to work during cold winters in New York. He loves this brand – extremely well made and long lasting.

4. Common Project Sneakers: he’s obsessed with these and has them in both black & white. They’re really versatile and can be worn with everything from jeans and a t-shirt, to a suit!

5. Jimmy Choo Man Cologne: this is is scent, I love it.

6. Feetures Socks: Like I said… he’s particular. He was on his computer the other night researching men’s socks and underwear for hours I swear 😂 Feetures Socks were the winners.

7. Saxx Underwear: Again, particular. Loves these.

6. Mizzen and Main Shirts: I think there are about 50+ of these in his closet right now. Athletic fit and comfortable. Plus, lucky for you they’re super easy to wash and don’t require ironing.

7. Bonobos Selvage Jeans: his favorite jeans (in the dark wash and gold dust wash).

8. Leather Frye Backpack: this is the exact one he has worn to work every day for the last 3 years. I got it for him when we first started dating and he loves it!

9. Trigger Point Performance Foam Roller: if your guy is active/works out a lot, he’ll love this. It soothes tight muscles with the vibrating feature and is small enough to fit in your closet/a drawer.

10. The Power Of Habit: a book he’s currently reading and loves ~ The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. It explores how we can change our lives by changing our habits. A New York Times Bestseller & named one of the best books of the year by The Wall Street Journal.

11. Percey Warby Parker Glasses: (in chestnut crystal) Con loves these and wears them every single day to work. Whether your guy wears glasses and needs an updated pair, or if he stares at a computer screen all day and needs the protection of blue light glasses, these are perfect!

12. Shoe Dog: another book he loves about Nike founder Phil Knight – the media-shy man behind the swoosh and all about the company’s early days as a start-up and its evolution into one of the world’s most iconic + profitable brands.

14. AllSaints Chelsea Boots: these boots go with everything he wears, I love the taupe color.

15. Rudsak Down Parka: His favorite winter coat, wears it every single day. He has it in navy and the fur around the hood is removable. Will be posting pics of us in these soon!

16. Portable Wall Charger: easy stocking stuffer gift. The best portable charger there is.

17. Apple Airpods: great gift for anyone, but he’s very attached to these. Uses them to work out and for work. (There’s also a new version out that are noise cancelling).

18. Garret Leight Sunglasses: he has the Brooks Sun frames in tortoise.

13. The TB12 Method: Tom Brady’s book (Conner’s man crush) about ‘how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance’ – the athlete’s bible.

19. Lulu Lemon Slim Pants: wheres these almost every day.

20. Magnanni Sneakers: also great sneakers, a little more affordable than Common Projects.

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  • Natalie R.

    Shinola watches! Great mix of style and luxury at a more affordable price point than say, Rolex! Great but, great look. Plus, made in the USA!

  • Gave Til Ham

    Hi, will there be a 2020 edition of this ?

  • Gaveønsker

    Would also like a 2000 version of this lists, seem like you know how to find good presents 🙂 nice pics

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