You know he’d be satisfied with a cheesy card and another bag of his favorite candy…BUT, if you’re aiming for favorite child award, then you you need to step up your game and think of something that’s above average. How? Think about the type of man your dad is. Does he like to grill? Is he a golfer? A beer lover? Traveler? Runner? Think about what he would want but not necessarily buy for himself. It’s the time of year to splurge on the man who has given you the world and asked only for an “I love you” in return 🙂

            Here are my gift ideas that don’t just say “I love you”, but show that you really mean it!


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  • saadia

    Hi, there! In the dad’s father’s day post- whatbis the shirt you are wearing? brand? is it new or old?

    Thank you,

    • saadia

      *skirt you are wearing?

  • Carina Herren

    Aww you and your dad are so cute! 🙂 Love your picks esp the Patagonia sweater, Kiehl’s facial fuel, Lacoste shirt and the duffle bag!


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