Nani’s Cole Haan Heels from DSW | My Pink Satin Bow Pumps from DSW (these also come in holiday red!) | My White Faux Fur Coat (I’m wearing an XS, love this coat for over holiday dresses!) | Grey Ribbed Dress 

I partnered with DSW to talk about my favorite holiday tradition…

Christmas shopping with Nani!!

Every single year since I was little, we’ve picked a day in December to shop and run around town to some of our favorite spots. There’s never a dull moment when we’re together. As two fashion lovers, you can imagine all 4’11” of us (actually she might be 4’10” now) bopping around the mall with shopping bags as big as we are. I will cherish this tradition with my sweet grandma forever [and always blame her for my shopping addiction].

If you want more of a ‘behind the scenes’ look at this, go watch my Instagram stories (it’s worth it, haha). We were cracking up the entire time we were trying to shoot this. From teaching her how to do a boomerang to trying to interview each other on camera without laughing… I’m sure we were very entertaining for other mall goers.

 You know you have a fashionable grandma when you find yourself in her closet trying to put an outfit together. When I lived with Nani 2 years ago, every time I’d come downstairs before a shoot she’d critique my outfit. Aren’t grandmas always just supposed to say ‘you look so cute!’. Nope, not this little fashion police. And just for the record, I have yet to see her wear a pair of flats outside of the house.

Christmas is such a special time of the year because of the effort and love Nani puts into our family traditions. We have so many great memories from Christmas Eve at her house, and I can’t wait for this year! What’s your favorite holiday tradition?? Comment below in the comments section or on this Instagram picture! Thanks for reading everyone 🙂 Read about some life lessons from Nani in this blog post.

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  • Kristy

    Grandparents are such a treasure! God bless Nani!

  • McKenna Hartmann

    Love this- so fun!

  • Reply

    Okay.. I think I have a shopping problem. I knew exactly where you got your shoes and what brand they were before even clicking the link….. I’ve been droooooling over these for months! SO CUTE!
    And I love how cute y’all are. Y’all have such a wonderful and special bond. It is beautiful to see. Hope y’all have a great time celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!!

    LOVE this post and LOVE DSW!!


    Kelly Hoover |

  • Jessica

    Oh my word, this is too cute! Love this tradition! And those heels are just perfect

  • Brianna

    That’s so sweet 🙂 I love baking cookies with my mom and brother 🙂

  • Mandi

    Oh my goodness you guys are too cute!! I’m 4ft 11in too, life’s better at our height lol;) I love you blog!

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