Happy Sunday! I had a busy start to my weekend in Chicago with a holiday party I hosted with Debi Lily on Saturday and then the Express holiday airstream event. So I was in need of a much needed relaxing weekend at home. I drove to Indiana last night to have a relaxing Sunday with Nani! I’m doing something fun with her for a blog post I’m working on for the holidays and can’t wait to share with you guys, you’re gonna die she’s so cute. I’m loving being home with her again. It’s bringing back so many memories from when I lived with her!

I’m sitting at home having a much needed cozy night in. If you’re in the mood to just hang out and read, I linked a bunch of old blog posts I’ve written in the past about life, love, and random topics. I also put included a link to my new winter playlist of all the songs I’ve been listening to lately for you guys to listen to tonight while you read! Leave a comment on my latest Instagram post if you read anything that hits home. As always, thanks of stopping by.

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xo, liv

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