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I’d be lying if I said I never let my height mess with my self confidence. Let’s be honest, I am SHORT. Like, an-inch-below-5-feet-tall-short. Smol. Meeting people for the first time consists of awkward waist hugs, ‘wow you’re SO little’ comments, and a clear view up a lot of nostrils 🤷🏼 I have to climb on the counter to get most things I need in the kitchen and I visit my tailor more often than I see a lot of my best friends.

In a world where the ideal of beauty is tall and Kendall Jenner-ish…it’s easy to feel a little lost in the sauce. But to be honest with you, for the majority of my life I’ve never thought twice about being short. In the past, a lot of my petite readers would DM me asking how I deal with always being shorter than everyone else and I’d respond honestly.. “I love it, don’t you??” My whole life I’ve always loved it because it’s who I am and it’s been a unique advantage in so many ways. I was a gymnast for 10 years and grew up in a gym where everyone was short. Then in college, I cheered on a 20-time national championship cheerleading squad where no one was over 5’3 and it was actually the shorter, the better (for obvious human-lifting-human purposes). Me and my teammates were all at the same eye level…it was the norm! I’ve lived most of life loving being the shortest one in the room.

It wasn’t until recently when comparison crept in and I started to make me feel weirdly self conscious about my size. It happened when I moved to New York City: the land of the gazelle models. I went from feeling short and spunky to feeling like a 12 year old at a party at everyone’s arm-pit-level. Something about being around a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models can instantly make you feel like a toddler playing dress up at a party, ya know?

It definitely took some adjusting. I knew deep down I loved my size and felt confident in who I was, but it def rocked the boat a little bit. This all came at a time when I really needed a reminder about what was important. Moving to a new city can be weird. You’re essentially starting your life over in a new place that feels foreign, and that can make you feel pretty vulnerable. I needed a reminder that how I appear on the outside, really has nothing to do with me, and that I can’t take any kind of credit or blame for it. Whether you were created with long legs, a natural 6 pack, or your 4’11” like me… it has NOTHING to do with your real value in this world. You didn’t choose how you’d appear to other people, God did. And He did it for a very specific purpose.

Whenever I get caught up in my perceived imperfections, I refocus my thoughts and remember that my value goes far beyond my appearance or physical stature. Whenever I put less of a focus on the outside, it gives me more confidence to focus on how I know I feel on the inside: a measurement that does matter. The way you make others feel and how you love and are loved in return is what matters. I know it’s cliche, but that’s because it’s true: nothing makes you more beautiful and appealing than confidence in yourself. It’s something that happens on the inside, but it has the power to transform your entire aura. A woman who’s confident in her plain old self and does not require validation from anyone? That’s what I want to be.

Every single girl in the room has something about her that she feels – for some reason – self conscious about. Whether it’s her career status, messy past, introverted personality, wrinkles, etc. I always think of the Regina Brett quote, “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back”. You are exactly who you were created to be. Take comfort in that and stop trying to change it. Show other people how beautiful it is to be exactly who they are, so they feel confident to do the same.

I love a good pair of platform heels and always appreciate a good low-angle photo. But if you’ve met me or been following for a while, you know I also love to embrace being short. It makes me feel like me. And I hope there’s an army of short women out there nodding their heads right now. We’re growing into ourselves one day at a time and becoming more comfortable, confident, and thankful for the bodies and personalities we’ve been given.

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  • Kelly Hoover

    LOVE THIS POST! And it is so true…we are all self conscious about something! Just need to remember to love and embrace ourselves for exactly how we are. You never know who you are impacting either!

    I know you are such a huge part of the fashion community, and such a light in petite fashion. Youre AMAZING!

    • Lacey Palmer

      I LOVE this. I just stumbled upon you today on the #liketkit hashtag on Insta. I used to cheer and am 4’11 too! Honestly, I’ve never really hated it. I can’t think of too many things, other than reaching things (which we just don’t put up high in our house, lol…) that makes it too much of a disadvantage. My one-year-old daughter is so tiny to the point that her doctors are slightly nervous, but she’s growing, and I think that’s just who we are! I can’t wait to teach her to love and accept it, too. Thanks for the reminder, Olivia!

  • Samantha

    I so needed to read this! I’m exactly the same height as you and was a gymnast my whole life as well! Growing up with other short people never made me feel self conscious until I moved to LA a few years ago and felt the same! Thank you so so much for sharing this, it’s crazy how much I can relate! Xo

  • Alexa

    I really needed this! Thank you!! Short girls unite<3

  • Emily

    Loved this post! You are inspiring! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Michelle

    Such a great post today Olivia!! I think this is definitely something that we should all talk about — Whether we look perfect from the outside or not, we all have our own insecurities, life problems, flaws, we are all scared and worried about different things. Thank you for sharing this and being vulnerable! xo

  • Kirsten

    Hi Olivia! I’m a fellow social media follower, and want to say I super appreciate this post! I can relate on soo many levels, feeling like I’m constantly being “measured up” to the next – pun-intended 🙂 I’m 5’1 – on a good day, I like to joke – and I’ve always loved my height. BUT truth is, I’m reminded of my height daily so it’s good and bad. If I’m confident having a great day, I own it. I’d agree that life doesn’t always feel like it’s made for shorter people, aka jumping on counters, doings things others never consider. This hits hard with me right now, “A woman who’s confident in her plain old self and does not require validation from anyone? That’s what I want to be.” — I feel I’ve always cared what others think, but only recently in a way that I’m looking for this affirmation. Unfortunately being on my own in this world made me feel a little smaller, looking for external validations. Daily, I remind myself who I am, and now have an amazing morning routine that helps me put on my kickass attitude for the day, becoming more confidence everyday. You keep doing you girl!! I’m not afraid to where flats on a night out in the city now 🙂

  • Nicole

    I cried reading your post. You’re inspiring… Amazing. And beautiful in and out.
    Thanks for sharing your struggles with us.

  • Brianna

    Great post! We all have our struggles and it’s nice to hear your view on it.
    Brianna |

  • Lindsay Rusu

    I’m so encouraged by this. It’s such a good reminder that God looks at the heart and not what we are on the outside. But at the same time, He created each hair on our heads and our exact height and look. I love your vulnerability and really think you are doing exactly what you were meant to be doing. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Lindsay Rusu

    • Alison Sanford

      I teared up reading this. I am still trying to get over many past mistakes. Thank you again for writing this!

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