Vulnerability is key when it comes to making an impact and building relationships. Purpose comes from connecting with others through shared weaknesses rather than impressing them with your strengths. What if you’ve been given your unique struggles because you have the voice to empathize with and help others?


My friend Quigley is changing the game of social media with her genuine transparency and raw creativity. She’s someone who really influences me and has been so encouraging and wonderful to get to know. She inspires me to search for the meaning and passion behind my own platform and I love her so much for that!


Quigs has a way with sharing her heart, mind, and quirkiness with the world and preaches that the most impactful way to lead and reach people is with love (not hate, judgement, competition, or negativity). She shares some of the most beautiful photos and ties them to her engaging words, ideas, thoughts, and conversation starters. She’s helping to pave the way for real social connection through honesty and authenticity.


Be a LIGHT. Set an example. The world desperately needs more of that kind of influence. We all have our own unique way of bringing that light into the world. The challenge is to figure out what yours is and how to dig deep to find it. The things you have to say and feel compelled to share are important. You can use your voice on and off of social media or in and out of the office to connect, empower, and help people. You may have exactly what someone needs to hear. That is influence ♥️


Take some time tonight to read through some of Quigley’s posts, you’ll be happy you did 🙂


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  • tabitha

    Great post! Your romper is so cute!


  • Brianna

    Aww I love this!
    Brianna |

  • May

    Awwwww you ladies look like you were having so much fun!

  • Lib

    I love your post and blogs. You are such a positive role model for young women. Our country is starving for this type of influencer. You are fresh, healthy and of course sexy but in a beautiful way.

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