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I can confidently say that I’ve learned more about life in the past 6 months of living with my grandma than I have in the last 24 years of my life. It’s amazing how listening to someone’s perspective who’s seen it all and lived in another time can really start to change the way you look at things. I cherish every day we get to spend talking, laughing, and learning together. Here’s some of my favorite Nani wisdom that’ll keep ya in line:

1. Family is the most important and precious thing in this life.

2. Shopping is cardio.

3. Never, ever walk alone at night in at parking lot – you will get murdered.

4. Get used to unanswered questions, life is full of them.

5. Color is obnoxious, stick to wearing neutrals.

6. Avoid left hand turns on busy streets at all costs.

7. Chipped nails are unacceptable. Pull yourself together.

8. Never stop playing hard to get.

9. There is fulfillment in sacrificing for others.

10. Take life day by day, anxiety comes from worrying about the future.

11. Men are a hassle.

12. Looking your best makes you feel your best, always dress up.

13. A  cocktail a day keeps you sane.

14. Tradition is important.

15. You need lipstick with every outfit.

16. Never stop wearing high heels, even at age 79.

17. Coffee makes life better.

18. There’s no such thing as cooking with too much butter.

19. Life can be hard and confusing at times but it’s a beautiful ride.

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  • Jamie Lou

    Love this! I’m very close to both my grandmothers as well! Nothing like the love they give. I enjoy your blog and your passions you share. Thanks for writing..happy Tuesday!

  • Morgan

    Loving Nani’s one liners!

    How 2 Wear It []

  • Haley

    I love your hair! How do you get your curls to hold like that?

  • Maggie

    This post is awesome!! I love her advice and attitude about life 🙂

  • Priscilla

    I love these, too!!! Your grandma sounds like a hoot!! It’s awesome you live with her and Learn from her daily!! I did all of my childhood and teenager years with my grandparents, and I don’t regret it one bit. I’m sure your grandma is so happy you are with her!!!! ps I love learning classy, old fashioned wisdom and fun tidbits for life!! Thanks for sharing!!!

      Olivia Rink

      Thanks Priscilla! I’m so lucky to get the chance to live with her 🙂

  • The Glamorous Teacher

    Your grandma sounds seriously so amazing. These life advice and tips are just awesome! I hope to be that spunky and full of love when I am 79! Thanks for the great post Olivia. As always, you inspire!

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