The importance of treating yourself is often overlooked. I’ve always struggled with being too hard on myself and I have a pretty tough time turning things off and actually taking the time to just relax. I’m a type-A personality, so I’m programmed to constantly worry about the future, things I need to get done, and my to-do list has the tendency to take over my life (!!)

In small doses, self criticism can be very helpful – it challenges us to take responsibility and constantly work on bettering ourselves. But, before you can better yourself in any way you have to learn to be kind and take care of yourself – because your mind controls EVERYTHING you do.

Take time to treat yourself every now and then with these next few ideas  – it gives you the chance to clear your mind, find balance, and enjoy this beautiful life we way too often take for granted!


[Watercolor Floral Silk Robe]

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1.Take a bubble bath. I couldn’t remember the last time I did this and it definitely won’t be long before I do it again. There’s something so relaxing and stress relieving about hot water. It’s been proven that soaking in water can sharpen your memory, calm your mind, and act as a natural mood-booster.



2. Pour in a little bath oil. For luxurious bubbles, a soothing scent, and a hydrating cleanser, add a little bit of Lollia Wander Bath Oil to your bath tub experience. You can use it in the shower too!

4L0B6378 4L0B6381


3. Light Some Candles. Lighting a candle never seems to fail when it comes to boosting my mood, so why not surround your bath tub experience with them? I like to think I’m somewhat of a candle connoisseur – and Voluspa candles are at the top of my list! Below are my favorites that I’ve filled my bedroom and bathroom with.

Pink Citron | Prosecco Belini | Apple & Blue Clover | Macaron | Suede Blanc

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4. Take care of your skin. When you take care of your body, you feel better! The soaps + lotions from the Lollia line have always been some of my favorites – and the packaging is so beautiful! Their skin softening products are the perfect addition to your bathroom.   [Lavender + Honey Soap |  Peony + Lily Soap |  Lavender + Honey Lotion]


I try to avoid the sun at all costs to keep my skin healthy, but I still love having a healthy-looking glow year round. I get spray tans pretty regularly and one of my best tips for before you spray is to exfoliate your whole body. I use a ‘spin for perfect skin’ body brush once a week to refresh my skin and to keep my spray tans looking even! [code OLIVIARINK for a 70% discount!]

4L0B6389 4L0B6343


5. A fresh mani/pedi can save the day. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh set of nails to make you feel like you have it all together. Pick a fun new color – it’s an easy mood booster.

Faves: Shorts Story | Alpine Snow | Miami Beet | Big Apple Red



6. Read a good book. Reading is a great way to take your mind off your worries and focus on something else. I love reading through design books with beautiful pictures to spark creativity.   [Domino Book]



7. Splurge on some good products. Sometimes it just feels good to splurge on some good products you know will benefit you. I like to switch up what I use for my body & hair pretty often to test new things out and lately I’ve been using this Aveda Shampoo and Conditioner – smells delicious, gentle on your hair, and leaves it silky and shiny.



8. Make a relaxing playlist. Fill it up with whatever makes you soul happy!

9. Put on your comfiest pajamas (or bath robe) and slippers and wear them all day.

10. Have a glass of wine (or 3)

11. Sleep in. There aren’t many things better for your mind or body than some good zzz’s!

12. Buy a couple bouquets from Costco and arrange them somewhere in your home where you can see them all week – flower power is a real thing people.

4L0B6430Photo Feb 25

Meagan Gilbert Photography

Hope this gave you some inspiration to remember treat yourself every now and then – it’s the best kind of therapy out there! Thanks for reading you guys, your support and kind words mean more than you know!

Other ways to pamper yourself:

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  • Jaclyn

    Thank you so much for this post, Olivia! I can relate to your to-do list taking over EVERYTHING. These are great pampering ideas!

    xoxo, Jaclyn

  • Jacqueline

    I love this post! <3 Everyone can use a little pampering once in a while 🙂 And I have to say – reading your blog is SUCH a pampering thing to do! Your beautiful photos instantly take me to a happy place <3

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  • Kathleen

    I need a little pampering in my life, love this post!

  • Kimmie

    What size do you wear in the robe? I’m wanting to order these for my bridesmaids and it would greatly help if I knew what size you’re wearing!

      Olivia Rink

      I’m wearing a S/M but have it wrapped pretty tightly!

  • Rox-Anne

    What a lovely post! This winter has been so cold that every time I catch a chill, I head for a hot bath with salts. I forgot how nice it is to just sit and relax and TRY to turn off the uber-organizing brain of mine. xx

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