Just wanted to take a minute to talk about something I personally need to work on, as well as pretty much everyone else in this generation. I’m talking about finding a healthy balance between working your butt off and knowing when to unplug and enjoy the moment you’re in.  Whether you’re a nurse, accountant, hair stylist, manager, writer, photographer, designer, sales rep, dietician, or whatever it is you’re passionate about, there is a time and place for work and there’s a time and place for life. I think it’s so important to separate the two, especially if you work from home or on your phone/computer when you don’t necessarily get to ‘clock out’ for the day.
After living with a 78 year old for a month, I’ve realized a lot of things our generation is doing wrong. I’ve said this before, but we all need to STOP the glorification of being busy. How many times this week have you said some version of the phrase “I have so much to do“? (me, like every 15 minutes). We’re anxious, stressed, sleep deprived, and really freakin irritated with each other.
I realize in some cases, you don’t have much control over your job. But, many of us have way more control than we realize. Whether it’s your never ending work load that’s stressing you out, or the combination of work + cleaning + planning for the future + emailing + making sure you scroll all the way through your never ending instagram feed + getting groceries + doing laundry + packing + unpacking + making a to-do-list for your to-do-list, we all really need to sit down and think hard for a second about what the heck we’re working towards.. other than another year of planning, stressing, and multi-tasking. Set goals, work towards them, and be realistic.
SO, moral of the story: Yes, we need to work, plan, buy groceries to feed ourselves, clean our homes, but we also need to: stop sleeping with our phones next to our faces, actually engage in conversations, read a good book, go on a walk, give your sister your full attention when she’s complaining, enjoy your boyfriend/husband instead of just posting pictures of him pretending you’re enjoying him (HAha).
And don’t think for one second I’m lecturing anyone. I AM THE WORST AT THIS. The more passionate I become about projects I’m working on, the crazier I get. And by crazy I mean obsessive-compulsive-multitasker-caffeine-addict-can’t-put-the-phone/computer/to-do list-down-for-one-stinking-second. I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD (even though everyone in America claims to have it right now..don’t get me started), but I’m sure I could “convince” doctors I have it.
Let’s all learn a little bit from Nani and unplug for a little while to really enjoy the precious moments of our lives! HAPPY TUESDAY LOVE YA

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