OK, I’m over it. So ready for spring to get here – especially after that tease of  sun and warm weather in Chicago last week. But now we’re back to the fun guessing game of whether it’s gonna  rain/snow/hail/windstorm that day. This is the wonderful time of the year when winter starts taking a toll on our bodies – chapped lips, dry skin, dehydration. So, here are a few of my best tips and products for keeping my skin healthy, moisturized, and glowing in the dead of winter (you can use code OLIVIAWINTER20 for 20% off + free shipping on all TULA products).


1 – Drinks lots of water. I think this #1 best thing for your skin (and health in general). It’ll keep you hydrated which makes your skin appear more ‘plump’ and less wrinkled. Plus – you’ll lower your sugar intake by drinking water instead of sugary drinks.

2 – Exercise. Staying active stimulates blood circulation, which is good for your skin. AND it definitely reduces my stress and anxiety – which we all know can cause acne. I’ve been trying to get myself to go to the gym every other day of the week even if it’s just for 4o minutes. The regular exercise routine is definitely something you just need to force yourself to get into.

3- Eat healthy. The foods you eat have a huge impact on your complexion. Lately I’ve been: cooking with olive oil, reducing redness with green tea, eating yogurt every day for breakfast, eating oily fish like salmon or tuna for dinners, dark chocolate for something sweet, and oatmeal for a snack. I’m on a Nutella kick right now and I’ve been mixing it with peanut butter and eating it on whole grain toast. That makes it a heathy snack right??

4- Moisturize every time after showering/washing your face. I always use this TULA moisturizer after I shower or wash my face.  You need to moisturize while your skin is still moist because apparently skin’s hydration boost from your shower lasts only about three minutes without lotion (fyi). Keep a tub of body moisturizer out on your bathroom vanity so you remember to use it every time.

5- Over-moisturize at night. I use this overnight skin rescue cream when I sleep. It’s really thick and heavy and I would never wear it during the day, but it’s perfect for sleeping in. ALSO – beauty sleep people!! When you’re asleep, your body repairs itself – including your skin. I believe in 9 hours of sleep a night whenever you can get it!

6- ALWAYS wash your makeup off before bed (I’ve used this remover for years and love this face wash.) Reasons WHY: you don’t want to put a face full of bacteria on your clean pillow at night, the bacteria from the previous day can cause blemishes and redness, you skip out on moisturizing and anti-aging treatments that could’ve been left on all night, it’s terrible for your lashes to sleep in mascara. I wash my face twice a day – in the morning in the shower and at night before I go to bed.

7- Exfoliate at least once a week. I use this on my face and this on my body.

8- Use a tinted moisturizer. I’ve written about it before on here, but I really really love this tined moisturizer. I use it every day as my foundation/face lotion before I put my powder and bronzer on. It only comes in one color ‘universal translucent’ that adapts to the color of your skin.

TIP for all my 25+ girls: I just started using TULA’s eye renewal serum – it corrects dark circles and puffiness with this serum for tired, aging eyes (because I guess this is the fun part of life when we have to start worrying about that now). This will keep you looking bright-eyed and refreshed.

9- Turn down the heat in your shower if your skin on your body is feeling really dry. Really hot showers wash away your skin’s natural oils. TIP – keep this TULA hydrating spray in your purse and use it throughout the day – it contains rose water, coconut water, and hyaluronic acid help to calm skin and boost hydration.

Outfit + all products linked here:

Use code OLIVIAWINTER20 for 20% off + free shipping on all of the TULA products I talked about in this post! That’s a great deal and their products really are wonderful and what I’ve been using for a long time now. If you aren’t sure about purchasing the full sized products and want to give them a test run, try out the TULA discovery kit, you’ll love it!

Happy Sunday, hope you’re relaxing! xo


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    I have always wanted to try Tula products! I am currently struggling to find a skin care routine….so bad I know! This post is so helpful!

    Thank you!!

    Kelly Hoover

  • RapidLift FX

    You can stay healthy and be healthy everyday by doing these tips. A healthy skincare routine that will surely give you a glowing and beautiful skin all day. Because keeping a regular exercise and eating healthy foods is a great thing to do.

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