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Being a girl can be so EX-PEN-SIVE. The list of beauty maintenance products and services is literally never ending. We obviously all like to look pretty, polished, and put together, but it’s important to make budget-conscience decisions when it comes to this stuff.  There are things I like to save on when it comes to beauty needs but there are also a few beauty services I think are totally worth the splurge. I’ve been working with QVC to review some of the products they sell, which lead me to a couple game-changers in the beauty department.

Beauty needs to save on:

Hair Treatments – instead of going to the salon for deep conditioning, keratin treatments, blowouts, etc, I prefer to just follow these tips in my hair section & use a good deep conditioner twice a week.

Facials – Skip the spa use an exfoliating mask at home a few times a week.

Make Up – Drug store makeup is underrated. I pretty much find everything I need in the Walgreens beauty aisle!

Hot Tools – For the past 5 years I’ve used the same $20 curling iron from Target, no need to buy the expensive ones. This little thing works wonders.


Worth the splurge:

No Chip Manicures – I swear by gel nails. I never used to get my nails done – my mom has always painted her own fingers & toes, so I always did too. Then I discovered this service that gives you perfect nails for 3 weeks and now there’s no going back!

Hair Color / Highlighting – Go to a professional!! Someone’s whose opinion you trust, has a good track record, and specializes in color. Hiring someone good may mean you need to stretch your budget a bit, but believe me it’s worth it. I usually go in for a highlight every 8 weeks.

Spray Tanning – I’ll admit it, this is one of my FAVORITE beauty services…So, let’s talk about spray tanning. Let’s be honest, everyone just looks a little cuter with a tan. It’s a confidence booster, skin tone evener, instant-toner, allows you to lighten up on the bronzer/makeup, and just makes you feel a little more comfortable when breaking out your more revealing summer clothes. (Especially if your skin tone hasn’t quite gotten the memo that it’s sundress & bikini season). They’re awesome for before big events and parties.

Testing out some of QVC‘s beauty products lead me to this game-changing product – the St. Tropez Pro Light Portable Spray Tan Device. It saves you time, money, AND gives you a year-round glow instantly and in the comfort of your own home. QVC is the most affordable place to find this device online. Here’s how it works and why you need to invest in this little thing right now..

The Machine

The Pro Light gives you a flawless and natural-looking tan. This little machine delivers a continuous stream of smooth air that generates a powerful and constant air flow for an all-over tan that dries so quickly. It’s my fastest & most convenient way to spray tan yourself at home and the device is really lightweight and so easy to use!

The Color

The tan will work off your individual skin tone and body chemistry, so it looks natural and never orange. St. Tropez formulas are designed to only go as dark as you could naturally get from the sun. And the solution fragrance technology gets rid of that ‘bad spray tan scent’ and leaves your skin feeling moisturized.

How To Use It

Before you tan: be sure to exfoliate (use these!) & moisturize your skin in the days leading up to your spray. Shave the areas you’re going to tan before you start.

  1. Fill the cup with 3.4 oz. of Classic Bronzing Mist solution and screw onto the machine.
  2. Add moisturizer in between your fingers and toes. Also cover your cuticles and don’t forget to apply moisturizer to the back of your heel crease.
  3. Hold the machine about 4-6 inches from your skin and spray down your body, away from your face.
  4. Work from the front of the body first, then to the back, then to the sides and finally to the hands and feet.
  5. You will need to repeat the process and apply two coats of spray tan, except on hands and feet. The skin is different in these areas and the tan will go a lot deeper, so be careful.
  6. St. Tropez is very advanced, so even if you apply the tan unevenly, you’ll still have an even glow if you allow the color to develop for eight hours and then take a shower.
  7. Once complete, wait until it’s dry to the touch, then use the heat function to dry and seal the bronzing mist before getting dressed.
  8. Now, let your tan will start to develop! Wait at least 8 hours before rinsing off the color guide.

After you tan: moisturize your skin daily. It’ll make your glow last longer – (love this lotion).

PS – If you’re hesitate to try the machine, you can first try out the St. Tropez tan with the mousse & mitt application here. This is amazing too!

Leave any questions you have about spray tanning in the comments below – thanks for ready beauties!

All photography by Sedbona

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