I tend to stick to a few of the same lip colors when it comes to my every day make-up, but this summer I’ve been experimenting with some bold shades you’re going to want to try! One thing I love about a bold lip is the way is the way it immediately grabs people’s attention – it also shows confidence in your ability to branch out from the norm and express yourself with a pop of color. I’ve teamed up with American Cheerleader Magazine to show you my top picks for lip colors! 

[Photos by Lauren Alexandra Photography]

Lipstick: Valentine by Sephora
Liner: Deep Ruby by Sephora
This color puts a fun twist on the classic red lip. I always love how a bold red looks against sun kissed skin. It’s less harsh and the darker liner gives a bit of a moodier vibe. When choosing a lip-liner, I always go one shade darker than the lipstick to add dimension. Tip: When rocking red lips this summer/fall, tone it down the rest of your make-up and let the red make a statement.

Lipstick: Spellbound by Covergirl
Liner: Currant by MAC
I’m a bit biased when it comes to fuchsia lip colors (considering my year-round favorite is MAC Rebel), but this playful shade by Covergirl is a great pinky-purple color to pair with your favorite flirty sundress. Tip: Look for lipsticks with a satin finish to create more of a dewy look, like this one. Matte lip colors look nice, but tend to dry out your lips.





Lipstick: Juliette by NARS
Gloss: Shimmer Gloss by NARS (striptease)
Nothing says fall is coming like a peachy-nude color.  ‘Juliette’ by NARS works well on fair skin tones and is also a great transition color to wear into the cooler months. I always wear this color with a layer of this shimmer gloss over-top. It adds shine and keeps you from looking washed out. Tip: If this color seems a bit too light for you, try lining it with a subtle reddish-orange lip liner to add some color.



Lipstick: Pink Pop by Maybelline
Girly, bold, and a bit Malibu Barbie, ‘Pink Pop’ by Maybelline is the perfect shade to wear when you’re feeling confident and outgoing. Ok, so this one is a little too bright for you? Tip: Try blotting your lips with a tissue after application to tone it down.


Step outside our comfort zone and try some of these bold colors before the warm weather runs out! xo, Olivia
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  • Candace Corcoran

    Are you going to tell us where your outfit is from?? 🙂

  • Megan

    Would love to know where this outfit is from.

    • Olivia Rink

      Hi Megan! This romper was from H&M over the summer – I couldn’t find it on their website any more 🙁

  • Maloree

    Can you let us know where you got your lipstick organizer and perfume tray?

    • Olivia Rink

      They’re from Home Goods! They have a bunch of them 🙂

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