Nothing in my getting ready process takes longer than blow drying my hair. If you have long or thick hair, I’m sure you feel my pain. I’ve pretty much only used Conair hot tools since college – the blow dryer and 1″ curling iron have been my trusty go-to’s for years.

When Conair reached out about working together on promoting the launch of their new 3QMS blow dryer, I was excited to try it out because I’d had such good luck with their other tools and it’s definitely a brand I support. After using the new dryer for 3 weeks and traveling around the country with it, I’m hooked.

Here’s why I love it:

-It’s so powerful so it dries my hair super fast.

-It’s quiet and not obnoxious like most dryers, so I can use it in the morning and not worry about waking anyone up.

-It’s smaller, so it’s ideal for packing on trips. Perfect for those who travel a lot.

-Makes your hair shinier and healthier. The electronic motor is designed to dry hair faster with less heat damage and the Frizz Defense conditioning ions enhance shine and reduce frizz.

-Perfect for when you’re in a rush before work, for time crunched millennial moms, and for bringing to the gym.

This blowdryer can be purchased here at Bed Bath and Beyond or Ulta.


My step by step blow dry process:

1. Brush hair before getting in the shower – get all tangles out before getting hair wet.

2. Wash hair with a shampoo & conditioner made for your hair type.

3. Squeeze as much water as possible out of your hair with a towel. (Rubbing will create frizz.)

4. Use an after shower detangler.

5. VERY carefully brush hair from tips to roots to remove tangles. (Hair is most prone to breakage when wet.)

6. Flip upside down a few times to air dry hair and separate strands before drying. (Your hair should be about 60% dry before you even pick up a blow dryer.)

7. Blow dry hair upside down, then finish by blow drying in sections. (I only blow dry on medium heat and then finish it off on the cold setting.)

Thank you to Conair for sponsoring this post!

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  • Rachel @ Better LIVIN

    I couldn’t pay attention to the blow dryer because that skirt is so CUTE! It looks so airy and cool! Deets?

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