Hi guys! So I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for forever, but I didn’t know how I was going to take pictures of the lip colors without it being a bunch of selfies. Well, it’s a bunch of selfies.. so sorry about that, but hopefully you’ll find a new color you love and step out of your comfort zone a bit and try some of these!

I don’t know what it is about lipstick, but ever since I started wearing it in 8th grade (I also wore heels in 8th grade which is hilarious) to say I love lip color is an understatement. It’s great to wear when you’re all dressed up and also nice for those ‘I can’t‘ days. It gives the illusion you tried harder than you did, lol.

So here it goes – my six picks of lipstick you need to try:

NARS Juliette: The lightest shade of lipstick I own. Nude/light lipstick colors freak me out so this is about as light as I’ll go. Got it the other day when I caved at Nordstrom and bought two colors at one time (help me I’m poor). Second pic has the NARS shimmer gloss on top.

NARS Charlotte: This one is fancy and sophisticated, and makes me want to use the fake name Charlotte at the bar with my friends (don’t act like you guys don’t do that too). NARS lipstick is a bit ‘creamier’ than any others I’ve tried which prevents chapped lips. It’s my darkest color & goes great with a black dress or blazer.

MAC Pink Pigeon: A mix of Malibu Barbie and Katie Perry, this is one every girl should have stashed in her purse. I don’t wear it too often, but when I do it’s paired with pumps, pearls, and/or neon. (Looks good with a darker pink liner).

MAC Flat Out Fabulous: This was my first MAC color and probably one of my favorites because I’m a sucker for fuchsia. MAC lipsticks are $15, but I found a drugstore Maybelline (6th Avenue Fuchsia) that looks exactly like it. If you’re blonde and blue eyes, you can’t go wrong with this one.

MAC Rebel (With Currant Liner): I have about .25″ left of this color because I use it so much. My sister gave it to me a while ago and it’s what I wear in about 80% of my outfit posts. And let me tell you a little bit about lip liner. At first I thought only grandmas wore it, but when I started using the Currant liner with Rebel it changed my mind completely. If I could recommend one color to you this is it – rebel with currant liner.

Maybelline Red Revolution: Any of my Kentucky Cheer girls probably think I’m a traitor for not picking MAC ‘Russian Red’, but this is my fave red out there.. and it’s like $5. You can get it at this really fancy store called Walgreens.

Oook, so that’s a round up of all my favorites! Anyone else notice the bag of fritos chilin in the back of all the pics hahah? And how do you get the job of naming lipstick colors.. I want that one. Also, I wonder how much lipstick I consume each year… HAPPY FRIDAYYYYYYYY 😉

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  • Erica Ligenza

    I can't even pick a favorite of your favorites. I'm just like you in loooooving bright and bold lippies – no neutrals or light colors here! Those bright bursts are so fabulous. I didn't realize MAC colors were only $15…BRB picking a few up now!

  • Olivia Rink

    Thanks Erica! I'm picky about colors but once I find one I like I stick with it! Glad you love them, and yes $15 isn't too bad!!

  • rania Crete

    i think it didn't posted before, so i write it again and if its repeated i apologise..
    first of all, i loved this post.. Could you please some day tell us about the make up you use? your face always looks so flawless but natural at the same time, no heavy at all…

  • Olivia Rink

    Hi Rania 🙂 thanks for the comment, I will be doing a post in the future about what make up I use!

  • Christen

    I want to be you!! That's all. Oh and go Cats!!!

  • Leah

    I'm a huge fan of MAC lipsticks! I use Rebel regularly and think it is one of the best colors ever made. I'll have to try it with Currant liner!

  • Originalluxury

    I Love the first one).

  • Stylephotos

    I am a fan of Mac.

  • Oliver

    Did you get the photos from: Product Photography Toronto text

    Please let me know!

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