I’ve built up quite the collection of athletic wear after years of being a cheerleader. As much as I love fancy clothes, stylish sportswear has always been my thing. I love the concept of leaving practice or the gym and being able to easily transition your workout wear into something socially acceptable to wear to brunch or a quick drink with friends.


And that’s exactly what Peony and Me is all about.

‘Athlesiure’ is what they’re calling it. The Peony and Me line is designed to cater to the modern woman – active, feminine, and edgy. Their pieces feature four-way stretch, non-chafing seams, a practical media pocket, moisture-wicking, and breathability. Their patterns and colors are so unique, and who doesn’t want to look effortlessly put together (and comfortable!) while running around town?


Some workouts I look decent after, and others (the good ones) I probably shouldn’t go out in public. But, most of the time there’s nothing a little dry shampoo and a cute workout wear can’t fix. Whether you’re actually planning on working out in these outfits or just running to do some errands, it’s cute for any occasion!



Distorted Floral Sports Bra

Distorted Floral Leggings

(wearing XS)



This lightweight lace top is one of the most frequently worn pieces of clothing in my closet. I wear it when I’m at home working in comfy clothes, but I’ve also worn it over a white tank with jeans and heels. The asymmetrical hem and lacy detail is so pretty and gives your workout wear an elegant vibe.

Rose Print Sports Bra

Rose Print Leggings

Long Sleeve Lace Top

(Wearing XS in all)

You will receive 20% off your first purchase when you subscribe to the Peony newsletter! I found out about Peony + Me via Influenster – a free product discovery and reviews platform with reviews from consumers, tutorials, tips, and other advice to help you make more informed purchases and find new brands you really love – check them out!

Meagan Gilbert Photography

Thank you to Peony & Me for sponsoring this post!

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