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Black Modern Vintage Dress (wearing size small with a few alterations in the bodice) Use code Olivia at checkout for 15% off! || Black Strappy Heels (available in 6 other colors and very affordable) || Chanel Purse (similar splurge/similar save) || Meagan Gilbert Photography

Every girl needs a classic little black dress for life’s more formal occasions. My closet is full of long sleeve/bulky black dresses for the colder months, but this lacy sleeveless option is perfect for formal events during spring & summer. I’m always hesitant to over accessorize an outfit – especially a feminine dress like this one – because I think simplicity is key when you’re aiming for elegance. My favorite style icons (Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton) always appear minimalistic and graceful instead of loud and decorated. There’s so much beauty in simplicity!

Use code Olivia at checkout for 15% off this dress when purchasing online here.

Fashion is always evolving and it’s hard to say there are really any ‘rules’ for dressing anymore, but here are a few tips I live by when it comes to spring/summer style:

Skip the cardigan and carry a pashmina.

Cardigans tend to make you look boxy and juvenile. I have a cream and black pashmina – they’re a little pricey but I always bring one out with me so it’s worth the investment. They’re elegant and add drama to an outfit while keeping you warm. Plus, it’s easy to pack away in your purse when you’re not wearing it.

The hourglass figure is always in.

Accentuate your waist – it’s a classic silhouette that will always be in style. Whether it’s an a-line dress that shows off your waistline or a high waisted swimsuit, embrace your curves this season!

Dress up your outfit with a pop of color or pattern in your shoes.

Winter is a different story, but for the summer months you can get away with accenting a simple outfit with a bold shoe. Plus, bright colors + patterns are always a good conversation piece:

The more bangles, the better:

Sleeveless dresses call for a decorated arm – multiple bangles are the new ‘it’ accessory this summer.

Nails and Toe color should match.

I don’t always live by this rule, but Nani thinks your nails should always match your toe nails… I agree.

Thanks for stopping by to read, hope your week is going well and the warm weather is putting you in a positive mood! New things are coming with the new season AND I’m turning 25 next week – scary, but exciting. I’m ready for the new chapter!  xox, liv

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  • Amberley Houck

    I love this dress and I have ordered it. What did you wear under the dress to not make it as see thru?

    Thank you!

      Olivia Rink

      Hi Amberley! I wore a tight black slip underneath and it worked perfectly 🙂

  • Amberley Houck

    Thank you so much, Unfortunately the dress didn’t fit, a little too short. I have 3 weddings to added in the next 3 months; trying to find those perfect dresses.

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