It doesn’t get much better than running around New York City with a girlfriend. If you followed along on Instagram all week, you’ve saw adventuring through Manhattan with Brighton. Our friendship pretty much went from 0 to 100 over the past few weeks ever since our trip to St. Thomas (here’s a little blog of that trip Brighton put where we officially met. Long story short, we realized blog life is much more fun with a blog wife to run around with – so NYC was the adventure #2 on the list of many more to come.

There’s a good chance you hate jeans shopping too, right?  It’s my least favorite thing to shop for, but there’s nothing better than coming across an inexpensive pair that’s comfortable and fit perfectly. I’m sharing a few of my favorite pairs from PacSun today – where I found a few great denim options I love (including these shorts and this skirt). I wore this casual PacSun look while venturing out for a Starbucks run with Brighton and John in Soho. I LOVE this distressed boyfriend tee by Guess – it’s so comfy and looks adorable tied up or tucked into high waisted shorts (sold out in pink but available in blue). My jeans are stretchy and soft and great for a casual outfit and I just couldn’t pass up a pair of bubblegum faux fur slides – my feet needed a break from walking all day in heels!

PacSun is one of the few brands out there that offers a range of sizes – including the option of short/regular/long. The sizes range from 22-32 and if you’re looking for the perfect pair right now, all denim is buy one get one 50% off! Here’s what I bought & what I have my eye on:

Check out the other cute new PacSun arrivals here!

Photos by John-Philp.

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  • Rebecca Elsasser

    Love this entire look! Definitely want to look into Pacsun jeans, I’ve never owned a pair before 😊

  • Keri Elaine

    These pictures of you two are so cute! It’s amazing to me how blogging gives you the opportunity to find friends you immediately click with!

  • Reply

    Olivia!! I love this post. Your jeans are soooo super cute. I have never tried PacSun denim, but now I really want to! I just bought my first Paige Denim jeans…so excited to get them in the mail I hope they live up to their name!

    Gorgeous post babe. You are making me want to travel to NYC right now!!!

    Happy Monday babe!


    Kelly Hoover

  • Kristle

    These pics of y’all are so cute!! Loving your look. I love PacSun jeans so much!

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