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Nordstrom Floral Romper // Pointed Toe Bow Pumps // Trending Above Drop Earrings // 3-Band Gold Ring // Lipstick: ‘Anita Boytoy‘ & ‘Pow!‘ Lipgloss by the Balm Cosmetics // Nails: Shorts Story by OPI // Spray Tan by Palm Beach Tan

Just wanted to first of all say thank you to whoever came up with the whole romper thing, you really hit the nail on the head with this trend and made dressing up for Saturdays a piece of cake. Today I’m wearing an adorable floral romper from Nordstrom. An easy springtime look that can be dressed up with pumps, or a bit more casual when worn with wedges or sandals. I love the combination of the tie bow, strappy back, and pleats.

I’ve been trying a new brand of lipstick lately from Loxa Beauty. ‘Anita Boytoy‘ (love the names haha) with ‘Pow‘ gloss over top makes for a pretty pinky-fuchsia color. I’m spending today catching up on blog work and drinking coffee at one of my favorite brunch/breakfast spots in Salt Lake,  Rye. In other news, this week I bought a ‘contouring kit’ that I’ve been trying out (I don’t know if you can tell a difference but I contoured a little bit in the pictures above). Contouring kind of freaks me out because of those crazy makeup Instagram accounts where people’s faces are starting to look like Halloween face paint, but I think if you use it correctly and know what you’re doing it can turn out looking pretty darn good! Once I get some more practice in I’ll do a post about it! Happy Saturday friends 🙂

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  • Blair Warren

    What products do you use on your hair?

  • Hayley Larue

    I am seriously so jealous you have dimples!! I wish more than anything that I had them! <3

  • Anonymous

    did you already do your makeup tutorial? please do if you haven't!! 🙂

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