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A little motivational fact:

Steven Madden started his business driving around the NYC area selling shoes out of the trunk of his car.

This drive is what established his company and built his brand in to what it is today.  Steve Madden has always been my all time favorite shoe brand, his shoes take up the majority of my closet! His start up story gives me so much respect for him and his drive as a self-starter to make his dreams a reality.

I feel like blogging has challenged me in so many ways over the years and taught me a lot about the nature of building a brand from scratch. It’s been the best learning experience when it comes to motivation, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. Every single day it challenges both my creative side and business mindset. I’m driven by the constant challenge to invent new ways to mix art and fashion in a way that tells an interesting story.  Self expression through fashion and photography is what drives me.

Alicia and I have been in California all week and we really wanted to shoot this Steve Madden campaign at LACMA. It’s definitely a cliche spot for photos, so we wanted to challenge ourselves to try to shoot it different and put our own spin on things. Which involves camera angles, the perfect backlight glow, and a funky pose to bring some personality to this shot. I love how LACMA worked as the perfect background for this shot – we loved shooting this! I love these platform sneakers for spring/summer – I linked a few other pairs I have my eye on:

Thank you to Steve Madden for partnering with me on this post!

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