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Just wanted to post some hair inspiration from this morning. I didn’t have time to wash my hair before an early meeting, so I just sprayed a bunch of dry shampoo and pulled it back.

Quick-how-to: First, I parted my hair far over to the side and separated the top left section from the rest of my head.  I wanted to leave the rest of my hair out of the braid to create a straight and sleek look. I started a tight french braid at my roots and continued down to the end, tying in a clear hair tie at the bottom. I sprayed a little bit of It’s A Ten Miracle Finishing Spray (get it here!) to hold it in place and add a little bit of shine.

Sometimes I mix lip colors to get the exact shade I’m going for – here I have on a combination of Revlon Iced Amethyst and Maybelline Fifth Avenue Fuchsia. This OPI nail color ‘Miami Beet‘ is awesome for fall. My mom got me these pretty Swarovski Drop-Crystal earrings (online here) for my birthday last year. I love wearing them because they’re just a little fancier than regular diamond studs.

Hope you’re all having a good hump day, thanks for reading!

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