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Hello again, Friday! No big plans for the weekend? No problem. Here’s a list of beautiful pictures to inspire your weekend plans. Fill your free days with pink roses, comfy sheets, late mornings, and lattes – have a beautiful weekend!

Sleep in. And invest in some good sheets..

Grab a latte with an old friend – don’t bring your phone..

Organize your beauty corner..

 Pick up a couple dozen blush roses to spread throughout around your place..

Sunday morning pancakes

Plan a dream vacation.. (ohh Nice, France)

Search the internet for ‘frame-worthy’ quotes..

Experiment with a new top knot.. (or see my tutorial)

Rosé all (satur)day..

Add a little somethin-somethin to your bag collection..

Cook dinner at home this weekend

Online shop for some new fall booties – it’s that time!

Work on a personal project you’ve been putting off..

Spend the afternoon reading at the pool – enjoy the weather while it lasts! 

And, of course, sleep in..

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happy weekend!

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