Ivy Stretch Wrap Coverup/Robe (wearing XS)

Hi guys! I’ve been traveling and on-the-go since Dec. 28th – living out of a suitcase and bouncing around from hotel to hotel. It’s been so fun, but traveling can always a little stressful and hard to plan for. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m the most efficient packer (hence my 53 lb suitcase that somehow made it through security today), but I’m definitely a very ‘thorough’ packer. I like to always be over prepared when it comes to wardrobe and beauty needs. My motto: it’s always better to be over-packed than under-pack 🙂

In this post I’m showing you exactly what’s inside my beauty travel bag when I’m on the go. I feel like this is a pretty great arsenal of products I’ve come to love over years, so I wanted to share them all with you!

TULA products are my favorite when it comes to the basics: day/night cream, cleanser, exfoliator, and they just recently introduced a few new things I’ve started using in my  every day beauty routine that I’m excited about. Here’s a list of all my TULA favorites I carry with me in my beauty bag. They’re offering 20% off to my readers with code: LIV20 on!

Day + Night Cream

I have combination skin, and I’ve found that this is the best moisturizer for my skin. I put it on right after the shower or washing my face when it’s still damp. The formula is lightweight, the smell is mild, and I love how it feels on my face! Immediately after applying, I put on my foundation with this beauty blender so it blends well with my moisturizer. When I use it at night, I’m more generous with the application.

Daily Cleanser

I love this little travel size cleanser for trips but I also use this full size option every day at home. It’s a gel-based cleanser that’s good for oily or combination skin. The just came out with a new cleanser – Kefir Oil Cleanser – that’s great for makeup removal and better if you have more sensitive skin because it’s gentle and fragrance free.

Hand + Nail Therapy Lotion

Especially great for dry hands during the winter, but just a great fragrance-free and non-greasy and lightweight moisturizer to bring with you when you travel.

Instant Mini Facial Pads (new)

I love using these to exfoliate. They’re great because they come in individual packets. Easy to fit in your bag, and are the ultimate instant facial.

Healthy + Skin Supplement (new)

This little one-a-day pill boosts immunity, increases energy, decreases bloating, and improves the look and feel of your skin. I take one pill with my breakfast every morning! Perfect to keep your skin + body healthy and balanced while traveling. I’ll give you an update in a couple months on how effective I think these are, so stay tuned!

Discovery Kit

The TULA Discovery Kit is the best way to test things out if you’re unsure about a full-sized purchase right now. It has all the essentials inside.

The other things in my bag:

Batiste Dry Shampoo – FAVE

Moroccanoil Light – my favorite hair product – I put it on every time after I shower on towel-dried hair before blow drying & styling

Refreshing Eye Drops – use these every day, can’t live without them

Amber Pure Essence Roll-on Oil – my favorite scent!

Neutrogena Sunscreen 30 SPF

Neutrogena Oil-free Makeup Remover – the best!!

Jo Malone ‘Basil & Neroli’ Spray (smells light and beachy)

And here’s the link to the robe/coverup I’m wearing in this post (size XS)!

Neutral lipstick I’m wearing in this post: MAC Twig

Photos by Aesthetiica

Hope you find something in my beauty bag you love! Comment below or on my Instagram post if you love any of these, are going to try something out, or have any suggestions for me! Thanks for reading 🙂

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