Life Update: Hi from Mexico!!

Black Double Slit Gown (wearing size 0) | St. Tropez Finishing Gloss | Lipstick: MAC Twig

Possibly the longest break I’ve taken from posting on my blog, but I’m back and can’t wait to share all my Cabo pictures with you guys!! Cabo is known for it’s unique rocks sticking out of the sea at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, (known as Land’s End). You’ve probably seen pics of the iconic “El Arco”. Our resort – which I’ll be posting later this week – is built right next to these giant rocks, so right when Alicia got to Cabo, this is one of the first outfits we wanted to shoot! The way the wind was blowing this gown and how it contrasted against the white rocks was pretty epic! I’m up for any opportunity to do something more interesting than just stand there in a photoshoot – so climbing up a giant rock formation in this gown was definitely my kinda shoot 🙂

A few things about this outfit and two go-to beauty products I from my trip: the dress I’m wearing is a size 0 but was just a little big on me. I typically wear size 00 (if you’re wondering about what size to order). It has a mini romper built in underneath the dress – it’s the perfect dress/romper for a night out on vacation! It also comes in a really pretty royal blue color. Two products I strongly recommend if you’re going on vacation soon: #1 St. Tropez finishing gloss: I used this on my skin every time before we did a shoot and after showering before dinner. It’s the perfect skin highlighter and makes your tan glow! #2 MAC ‘Twig’ Lipstick: this is the color I’ve worn pretty much every day here. It’s the perfect natural-looking shade that adds just enough color to your lips without looking like you’re wearing a bunch of lipstick.

More pictures + outfits to come, thanks for reading!! xo

Photography by Aesthetiica

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If you’re a perfectionist, read this

Sports bra (size 2) | Peony Leggings (size 2) | Nike Shoes | Zip Jacket in Coco Pique (2)

It’s been a quiet week on my blog due to a much needed break! Working for yourself is a great thing, but taking time to recharge and refocus is so important. I’ve been relaxing in paradise for the first week of the year with my family and Rach in Cabo and it’s been the perfect start to 2018. There’s nothing like 80 degree weather, especially when I see Chicago is freeeezing cold and covered in snow. I’ll have some fun Cabo content coming your way next week when my photographer gets here so stay tuned!

Tonight’s post is a topic I’ve been wanting to write about for a while. It’s something I’ve really struggled with, but also one of the most life altering pieces of advice I’ve ever taken to heart. I’m going into 2018 with this one little phrase in the back of my head that I constantly need to remind myself:

Done is better than perfect.

I wasted so much time in the past waiting on the perfect moment, idea, or feeling before I actually committed to something.

-Example #1 – I wasted so much time getting my blog started because I couldn’t think of the right name… my website wasn’t exactly how I wanted it…I didn’t have a long term plan.. the list went on and on.

-Example #2 – I literally went for two months last year without working out once because I thought one workout wouldn’t be ‘worth it’. I felt gross and then it was even harder to get back on track.

-Example #3 – I spent most days in 2017 (and before that) working 15 hour days and driving myself crazy. Until I finally realized I needed to hire help.

It’s scary taking big steps in your career, it’s hard getting back into a routine, and new ideas are always risky. But if you only did what was safe, easy, and predictable, then you’d never do anything great. The sooner you take baby steps and get momentum going in the right direction, the better off you’ll be. The timing will never be perfect and you’ll miss out on so many opportunities if you’re too much of a perfectionist. You can’t let the need for perfection in all things paralyze you. This applies to pretty much anything in life – whether it’s in your personal or professional life. Like your health and fitness goals for 2018 or finally asking for the promotion you know you deserve.

 If you were to ask the most successful men and women how they got started, I’m going to assume the majority of them would say that they just ‘went for it’ and made it happen. Making up your mind to get things going is the hardest part! Say yes now and figure it out as you go.

I made up my mind that in 2018 I’m really going to commit to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Also, I’m finally giving up a little bit of control with my business and start to build a team. I’ve complained about these two these long enough and now it’s time to make moves.

What do you need to stop putting off in 2018?

What’s your ultimate goal you finally need to commit to?

Stop planning and start doing, because DONE is so much better than PERFECT.

Photography by @Aesthetiica at Midtown Chicago

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Adidas Travel Style

Outfit details: New Adidas Shoes (in Nike I wear a 6, in Adidas I always order a half size down) | Similar Adidas Crop Sweatshirt | Spanx Faux Leather Leggings (xs) | Grey Pom Beanie | Cable Knit Leg Warmers | Canada Goose Rossclair Parka (xxs) | Nars Velvet Lip: Dragon Girl

Happy new year you guys! I wrote my last post from the airport when I was heading to Kentucky for Lindsey’s wedding, and now I’m back at O’hare writing this before we board our flight to Cabo! My family has gone on this trip every single year for the last 10 years, and it’s always my favorite two weeks of the year.

We woke up to leave this morning and my phone said -7 degrees.. so I think we picked a good time to get out of here. I’m wearing my new Spanx faux leather leggings I love (that I talked about in this post) with a cropped adidas top and my new favorite sneakers. Bundled up in my Rossclair Canada Goose (wearing xxs) with a cute new beanie I got for Christmas.

Let’s make 2018 a good one!!

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