Hi guys, welcome to my blog! My name is Olivia and I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in Indiana, attended the University of Kentucky, and now I’m living in New York City!

I use my blog as a place to write about the things I love while sharing bits and pieces of my every day life along the way. I aim to inspire others through my personal stories, daily outfits, decor and styling tips, and to be a positive role model for girls and young women everywhere.

Thank you for stopping by, your support means the world to me 🙂


Why’d you start your blog? I’m very petite, so finding clothes that fit correctly has always been a challenge. One of the main reasons I started my blog was to spread the word about my favorite petite-friendly brands and styles, and to provide outfit inspiration to other petite girls out there. Taking care of #shortgirlprobs one day at a time…

How tall are you? 4’11” on a good day.

When did you start blogging? I published my first blog post in September of 2014.

What did you study in school? I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles. My first job out of college was a bridal consultant and then I worked as an interior design stylist.

What was cheerleading like at the University of Kentucky? The best 4 years of my life! Read more about my experience in this post and if you’re interested in cheering in college, read this.

Is your hair real? Yep, it’s the real deal! See how I highlight it here, how I keep it long and healthy here, shine tips here, and how I curl it here!

Do you have a makeup tutorial? Not yet, but I’m working on one!

Do you have a specific workout routine? Here + Here + Here are my most recent workout post, but I’m working on an updated version 🙂

Where do you live? I live in New York City. I moved here from Chicago a little over a year ago.

Where did you get the piece of clothing you’re wearing in your outfit post?  I provide all of the information about the things I wear under the very last photo of each post.

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