A guide to all of my go-to beauty & wellness spots in Chicago…

Pictured above: AIRE Chicago (see below) pc: @aesthetiica


1. Spray Tanning

Celebrity Skin Tan on North Avenue

Websitehttps://www.coutureairtan.com/north-avenue/Phone: 773-697-4833

This is my one and only spray tan salon in Chicago (and actually better than anything I’ve tried in both LA or NYC). You’re sprayed by an actual person here (not a machine), so you won’t have any weird lines or uneven color. They’re experts when it comes to picking the shade that’s best for your skin tone and how tan you want to look. The color usually lasts about 1 week for me and the spray tan formula is organic, so it’s made up of all natural ingredients. Mention I sent you and you’ll get $10 off your first spray tan (at the North Ave. location only).

Tips before you spray tan: shower, exfoliate, and shave before your appointment and leave your skin completely clean – no lotion, deodorant, or makeup. Wear very loose clothes (sweats and a t-shirt with no bra). You can get sprayed in undergarments if you want, but don’t have to – your preference. I usually go at night and sleep overnight in my tan then wake up and shower it off. To maintain your tan for a week: avoid wearing really tight clothing that rubs, don’t take really hot showers, and moisturize your body daily. DM me after your experience and let me know how it went!!


2. The Best MedSpa:

Old Town Med Spa

Website: https://oldtownmedspa.com/about-us/ | Phone: 312-313-0330

Whatever skin treatment you’re interested in, Dr. Gharbi has you covered. He’s the nicest guy and works his magic to make your skin look perfect. They offer amazing hydra facials, IPL treatments (to get rid of dark spots), laser hair removal, and an entire list of other skin treatments you can find on their website right here. Mention I sent you and you’ll receive a discount off of your first appointment!


3. Everyday Nail Salon:

JOY Nails  

Address: 1821 W North Ave, Chicago | Phone: (773) 227-3462

They’ve made me a gel nail snob because I’ve never gone to anyone who pays more attention to detail than the manicurists at JOY. I always go to them for a simple & classic gel manicure. Favorite OPI gel colors: Funny Bunny, Alpine Snow, Let Me Bayou a Drink, Shorts Story, and Miami Beet. Efficient, clean, and a good price point. They charge $35 and Desperate Housewives is always playing on the TVs (selling point am I right).


4. Fun Designs Nail Salon:

ZaZaZoo in Bucktown (Bucktown + Noble Square)

Websitehttp://www.zazazoonailsalon.com/ | Phone: (773) 687-9717

They can do anything you’d like, they’re so good at fun designs! It’s BYOB, so it’s the perfect spot for nails with the girls or for a bridal party. The atmosphere is so cute, see their website for pictures. Plus, they offer you a La Croix during your appointment!


5. The Best Spa Experience:

AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago (pictured above!)

Websitehttps://beaire.com/en/aire-ancient-baths-chicago/ | Phone: (312) 945-7414

Aire Chicago is hidden away in a restored factory from 1902 in the West Loop area. You’ll feel like you were transported to Ancient Rome the second you walk in, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced as far as a spa day goes! If you’re looking for a little bit of an over-the-top pampering session, you have to try this place (and the massage experience is incredible).


6. Seamstress:

Fit ’n’ Stitches

Location1717 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 | Phone: (312) 772-2230

I’m 4’11” and extremely petite, which means I have to have a seamstress pretty much on-call, haha. Fit ’n’ Stitches is my go-to spot for alteratinos, and it’s only a few blocks from my front door. They’re quick, professional, and have altered hundreds of my outfits! They’ve worked on my formal gowns as well as every day outfits like pants and jumpsuits.


7. Special Occasion Hair:

Dream Dry

Websitehttps://dreamdry.com/ | Phone: (773) 697-8172

I’ve gone to them for several special occasion hairstyles in the past and they’re always so knowledgeable & talented. The stylists are perfectionists which is exactly what you want when someone’s dealing with your hair for a big event.


8. Hair Color:

Sorry, I don’t have a recommendation for a Chicago colorist yet because I still go to the same stylist that gave me my FIRST haircut in my hometown – South Bend, IN, get her info & find out how she does my hair in this post (http://oliviarink.com/beauty/how-i-highlight/). I’ve heard Cristina Morales @rmcmsalon is great though!



I’ll be updating this page frequently with my favorite spots, so check back soon for my recommendations! 😘DM me to let me know if you fall in love with any of my favorite spots or if you have suggestions for anything I haven’t mentioned, thank for reading xo (p.s. how cool is AIRE Chicago??)

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