I’ve been meaning to put this all in a blog post for such a long time now and can’t believe it’s taken me this long! In this post I’m listing my 3 all-time favorite lipstick and lip liner combinations from the beauty section at Nordstrom that I wear in the majority of my pictures. Nordstrom has always been my go-to for lipstick combos. They have the best selection of Mac lipstick + liner options and they ship quickly and easily to your door. Mac has always been my favorite since college because we had to wear it for cheerleading! It stays on really well and the color options are my favorite. One of the best things about Mac is that I feel like I can make 1 lip color look like 3 different shades depending on how I apply it.

(Wearing: Topshop Knot Dress so comfortable and casual! + pave hoop earrings)


My top 3 combinations:

Rebel Lipstick + Currant Lip Liner:

This is my go-to. I love berry colored lipstick and think it pairs well with so many different outfits. I get a lot of compliments on this color and I’ve converted so many of my friends over the rebel-side. It looks great on blondes and my brunette friends (especially you Brooke Lodge!). It’s moody and bold if you apply the lipstick and liner heavily, but I also like to wear Rebel on it’s own mixed with chapstick for a lighter berry pink.



Mac Red Lipstick + Brick Lip Liner:

This is my favorite classic red. Mac Red has a satin finish and is such a great bold color. I wear it with brick lip liner for a tiny bit of a darker contrast around the edges. Great for parties, the holidays, and if you’re going for a more glamorous look.


Twig Lipstick + Whirl Lip Liner:

My new favorite! Twig is a little more low key and a great lipstick color to wear every day. I wore this a lot on my recent trip to Cabo because it’s such a natural looking color. It’s a mix of blush pink, nude, and light brown. I wear it with whirl lip liner to define my lips!


Let me know what your favorite combination is! I’m always looking for new ones. But like I said, in most of my pictures you can find me in one of these three combinations. I don’t always wear the lipstick with the liners – a lot of the time I wear them on their own. But lip liner does help shape your lips and prevent lipstick from running. If you’re looking for details about my office (where these pictures were taken), you can find all the answers in this post. Thanks for reading!

Photography by John-Philp

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  • Pam davis

    Thank you for these great ideas!

  • Jessica

    Thank you for sharing these great tips! I’m usually a gloss girl but have been looking to amp up my lips and have yet to find a lipstick I love. I’ll be trying these out for sure!

  • Erin

    Love these color combos, but what I’m really loving is your hair!! How do you get so much volume at the top (especially in the front)???

  • Brianna

    The color is gorgeous!
    Brianna |

  • Katie V

    Where did you get your calendars?! Love them!!

  • Love It


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