I’ll be honest – I originally decided to try out Vital Proteins because I read an article Jennifer Aniston wrote where she talked about how they did wonders for her hair, nails and gave her skin a ‘glow’…

Because #1 she has great skin, hair, and nails (at age 47!) and because #2 I love Jennifer Anniston…I gave it a shot! And now I use them weekly –


I’ve been using Vital Protein powders in my meals and liquids for for the past few months. VP’s powders contain nourishing collagen and promote our production of collagen – a VERY important nutrient stripped from our diets by modern food-processing.

Collagen is vital for our body and is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. It makes up 70% of the protein in our skin and 30% of the protein in our whole bodies. As a 20-somethings, our levels of collagen begin to decline which means hello fine lines & wrinkles (ugh), loss of moisture and a dull appearance.



What these proteins do you for your health/body…

– Promote younger looking skin

– Improve skin moisture level

– Improve skin smoothness and help restore natural elasticity

– Prevent the formation of deep wrinkles

–Leave hair stronger and shinier (try out their hair mask)

–Protect bones & joints against the damage from intense exercise (ex-cheerleader probs)

–Promote a healthy immune, digestive, and central nervous system

–Contribute to a balanced diet and help to maintain weight


I’ve mostly been using the proteins every morning in my breakfast smoothies and in tea at night, but here are a few other ideas for ways to incorporate the proteins into your diet:

Smoothies (also, try this one inspired by Jennifer Aniston)

Recovery Bowls

Apple Protein Pancakes

Spinach & Artichoke Frittata

Carmelized Onion Flatbread


Read the details about the products I’ve been using here:

Collagen Beauty Greens / Marine Collagen / Collagen Whey

It’s easy to incorporate these proteins into your daily routine – and I know you’ll notice the benefits and love the results! Try them for yourself. Hope everyone’s having a great Sunday night! xoxo

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  • Rachel

    I take this in gummy form, but it’s good to know you can use it in smoothies, too!

  • Lizzie

    Do you use both of these powders together in your smoothies? I’ve been thinking about trying them.. are you still liking these products?

  • Erika

    I just received a sample packet of the marine collagen, and am wondering if I should purchase more. I remembered this post a while back and am wondering if you are still using these products and if you would still recommend them.

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