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It’s 10 degrees in Chicago right now and I’m sitting on the floor in my room next to my space heater because IT’S SO COLD. I just packed everything up to leave for New York Fashion Week in the morning – where it’s also looking like a prettyyyy cold week. Because spring feels so far away and bad weather always puts be into hibernation mode, I’m sharing 6 guilty pleasures that get me through the winter months. (Never said they were all good for you, just some things to make the cold and bleh weather not so bad 🙂 ).

  1. LONG showers. I love really hot showers. Not only do they help wake me up in the morning, but I like to get up a little earlier than necessary just to get some extra warmth before heading out in the cold.
  2. Spray tans. Yep, I’m serious. I get so pale in the winter and I stopped going to the tanning bed years ago, and I lucked out with this place just a few blocks from my front door. I go to an awesome ‘organic spray tan salon’ (whatever that means) on North Avenue. If you live in Chicago you have to try them out, tell them I sent you!
  3. Red Wine. There’s nothing like a cozy night in on the couch with a glass of red! I really love A to Z Pinot Noir. Pretty sure you can find it at most liquor stores. And I know I’ve posted about these glasses a million times but they really do just make drinking wine more fun, haha.
  4. Alone time. Read online articles/your favorite blog, listen to an inspiring podcast, put on a face mask, take a bubble bath, listen to your favorite playlist.
  5. Sweets. They just make everything better. Everything in moderation!!
  6. My space heater. We are in a serious relationship all winter. When I’m working in my room – it’s upstairs in my room. When I’m at my desk – it’s right underneath. It’s the little things guys 😉

What are you guilty pleasures? Comment on my latest Instagram post so I can get some new ideas to get through these cold winter months! Can’t wait to take you guys along with me to fashion week – fun stuff coming this week! xo, liv

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  • Chaneya Joyner

    I definitely feel ya on the space heater! It’s cold here in Georgia, not as cold as Chicago lol, but I’ve been bonding with mine so much during these cold months. This Miami girl just can’t stand the cold. I’m like, “Where’s Spring?!” Lol

  • Melissa Hood

    Hi Olivia. I love your blog and would love some inspiring advice. I have a blog but after numerous attempts with SEO companies and so forth, what is the secret to getting your blog out there? Once I find something going good, it seems it falls backwards a bit. Any advice I would love. Thank you

  • Lacey

    I can’t even with these photos! Sooooooo cute!



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