John and I were so excited when Express reached out to us about co-hosting their nation wide denim campaign for their Chicago market. It’s always so cool as a blogger when a brand you love and have worn your whole life reaches out to you to for something like this. And then it’s even cooler when you get to do it with one of your best friends!

Yesterday we drove out to Woodfield Mall to host their in-store denim try-on event that showcased all the great denim options Express has to offer (which are all 40% off right now!). We opened up 10 – 5 minute – styling sessions for our readers to sign up for. I loved getting to meet all the girls and hear about the style of outfits they were looking to pair jeans with. Lauren was just about to leave for her Freshman year of college at Western Michigan, so I styled her in two cute outfits to wear to class. And Payton, who’s a junior in college, just wanted some cute options to wear out with friends and to date night.

The outfit I wore to the event is linked below along with my 2 other favorite pairs of jeans from Express! Take a closer look at these nude heels I have on, they have a hot pink heel 😍P.S. to all my petite girls, these hit at the right spot on my ankle – no need to roll!

Express believes fit is so much more than measurements, especially when it comes to jeans. So in light of this campaign they asked me to describe a moment when I found my perfect fit in either business, friendships, or life in general. The moment that immediately came to mind was when I found my perfect fit when I made the cheerleading squad at the University of Kentucky my freshman year of college. All of the sudden I found myself surrounded by a squad of 5 foot nothing girls who all loved what I loved and for the first time I felt like I was in the exact right place at the right time in my life. I felt like I was using a combination of my hard work an God given talent and surrounded by people that felt like family. It was a perfect fit and I will cherish those years forever! Thanks to Express for that little walk down memory lane. I had such a good time with my Chicago girls & John!

Thanks to Express for sponsoring this post

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