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If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s finding ways to make every day tasks a little easier and more efficient. Between traveling, photoshoots, meetings, and events – I’m always on the go. So there’s little time to worry about the minuscule details… like a wrinkled blouse.

My life changed for the better when I discovered this dark blue beauty. I realize we’re talking about a steamer here, but I’m serious. This thing is a game changer. The CONAIR Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer helps me look and feel a little more put together at all times by keeping my outfits & home decor wrinkle-free.

What I use it for…

Travel – I love taking the steamer with me when I travel. Whenever I pack for trips, I try to fit as much as possible in my suitcase. Which means I arrive with a suitcase of wrinkled clothes. It’s way quicker and more convenient than ironing and it takes less than a minute to heat up. It even has a ‘turbo setting’  that heats up hotter and gives off more powerful steam for fastest results. Plus, it fits into my suitcase perfectly.

Photoshoots / Date night – A good outfit can easily be ruined with wrinkles. So don’t make the mistake of passing on the steamer before a special occasion! Quickly running steam over your outfit can make for a much more professional fresh-pressed look. This will save you time and money dry cleaning and it’s gentle on enough for all fabrics. On nights before a big photoshoot day, I line all my outfits up and steam away so it’s all camera-ready.

In the home – this handheld steamer is perfect for taking wrinkles out of curtains, comforters, and even sheets (only happens when I’m in super OCD mode, promise). It can even be used to refresh upholstery and mattresses.

Plus, it’s the perfect gift idea for that family member or friend who you have no idea what to get. (I just gave my grandma one of these and she loves it!). Whenever I find an item I love like this, I always want to promote it because with our lives we can use all the ‘life hacks’ we can get. Thank you for reading and be sure to check my Instagram story for a video of eye using this! Purchase this steamer at the link below at any of the following stores:

Get it here at Target

Get it here at WalMart

Get it here at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Thank you to CONAIR for sponsoring this post – as always, ideas are my own!

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  • Dione

    I adore your blog posts and I look forward to reading each one. You portray such class, intelligence and fierceness in each post. Thank you for sharing your life/advice with us.

  • Jessica

    Love these pictures, your home looks lovely!

  • Bethany

    Where did you get the dress? It’s gorgeous!

  • Jenny

    Where did you get your mirror?? It’s beautiful! ❤️

  • Marjorie

    Where is your garment rack from?? It is beautiful!

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