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I’m not the best when it comes to admitting when I’m wrong. My dad says I’ve been extremely stubborn since I was a toddler. Whenever I did something wrong and he’d yell at me for it, I’d just give him the death stare and sit there without shedding a single tear. On the inside I’m sure I was thinking “He’s SO MEAN. Why’d he have to yell at me like that?” I didn’t understand he was just trying to show me the right way of doing something so I wouldn’t harm myself by making the same mistake again in the future. It’s because he LOVED me so much and didn’t want me to hurt myself. Hmm.. sounds very similar to my reaction to God when He tells me “no” or “not yet”.

Stubbornness is a personality trait in which a person refuses to change their mind or opinion about a situation or action that they’ve decided to take. If you’re stubborn, you’re unteachable. If you’re unteachable, you will not grow. Humbling yourself and learning to admit when you’ve made mistakes is the only way to grow. Our mistakes don’t have to break us. God says you can bounce back from any failure, and I believe that is so true. Failing to take action to correct our faults is where we actually fail. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you’ll continue to run into the same problems throughout your entire life in your relationships, your career, your lifestyle, etc. Every setback has been placed in your path to teach you something very specific. It’s your choice to either learn from it or to let it make you bitter. Every detour is an opportunity to gain wisdom.


TRUE LIFE: I Was A Workaholic

I am 100% a recovering workaholic. In every way, shape, and form I glorified being busy in all areas of my life. I was a slave to my to-do list. Every day I felt like I could work until 3 AM and still not get to everything that was coming my way: emails, messages, comments, creating, writing, accounting, planning, meetings, cleaning, groceries, events, gym, friends, texts, etc. I couldn’t slow down. I’d overcommit to everyone and everything. I read books that all preached the same thing: in order to be successful, you have to be obsessed. And that’s exactly what I was doing. And it was WORKING. My business was absolutely booming and everyone and their mom was telling me how great I was doing. I was “successful”!! The books were right…in order to be successful (in a worldly sense) you need to be obsessed. But what those books don’t talk about is the price you pay for committing to this type of drive to succeed and how it effects other areas your life: family, friends, relationships, faith, health, sleep, creativity, peace of mind. This driven mindset does have the power to lead you to the top of the mountain you’re climbing, but you have to keep your balance. What happens when you reach the top only to look around and see that the other areas of your life have been neglected? There is no joy in being alone at the top. We’ve learned this lesson through countless celebrities who seem to have everything they could ever want in life, only to see them spiral into drugs and depression. I know most of you grew up with me in the Britney Spears era, so I thought this was relevant. Listen to her lyrics in the ‘Lucky’ music video ~ “She’s so lucky, she’s a star, but she cry cry cries in her lonely heart, thinking. If there’s NOTHING missing in my life, then why do these tears come at night??” I think we may know what the problem was, Brit. Winning the rat race of worldly success and social (media) popularity does not equal happiness.


So it finally happened: the burnout. Ironically it happened the first time I decided to take a real break from it all on a 7 day trip to Mexico with my family where I fully committed to no emails, social media, or shoots. It was so incredible, I didn’t even WANT to look at my phone. Then the slap in the face came – when I was ready to jump back into the grind and get back to work. Something was holding me back. I couldn’t think creatively, I couldn’t express how I was feeling through my writing, I didn’t want to post anything or share anything, and my inbox was overflowing and I couldn’t respond to anyone. I could. not. do. it. This was scary for me considering sharing and inspiring people through my words and outfits is my entire career. I was fighting against it so hard and asking God, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

And that’s when it hit me. God said: OLIVIA…SLOW DOWN. He would not let me take another step forward until I understood this. On the surface, I was making more money and landing more partnerships than ever. Everything looked great and I actually thought it really was! But subconsciously it was wearing on me. The 100 mph pace of life I was trying to keep up with was not sustainable. He asked: Why are you running so fast? What are you chasing? So I searched for the answer.

I’m not in it for the paycheck, that isn’t what drives me. And my life doesn’t depend on winning the popularity contest on Instagram. It’s a big part of my life and I am so thankful for what social media has done for my business, but it’s also transformed over the last few years and placed a very harsh and visible number on what is considered worthy of a “like” or “follow”. How different would our feeds look if followers and likes weren’t public and only visible to us? What would you be posting and sharing? Somewhere along the way I got distracted from the reason behind my WHY. But my burnout brought it all back to me. I needed that reality check because I had forgotten the purpose for why I started sharing my life on the internet in 2013 in the first place.

My Why: I’m driven by the reward that comes from knowing I’m making a meaningful impact by sharing my voice through my words, experiences, and journey with Jesus while incorporating my love for fashion, expertise in petite dressing, self expression, and creativity. I work hard to stand for what I think it means to be an influential female figure in 2019, not what society seems to think it is. I’ve learned that no matter how high you climb, if you’re measuring your success, beauty and worth by the world’s standards, you will always be left feeling like you are not enough. I’m passionate about using my failures and life lessons as a vehicle to reach other women (and men that might read this!) to share the silver lining God has shown me in my setbacks. Mistakes can be some of the most powerful lessons in our lives if we can get rid of stubbornness and focus on finding the deeper purpose in the detour.



What are you devoting too much of your time to lately? Is it work? Social media? Going out too much? Overcommitting? Obsessing over your dating life? People pleasing? Figuring out how to look younger, skinnier, prettier? Slaving over your to-do list? How often are these things distracting you from the more important things in your life? Please take this advice from a recovering workaholic and SLOW DOWN GIRL. The world won’t stop spinning if you give yourself a break to clear your head and rest. I constantly have to remind myself or else I fall back into the race. Slowing down has changed my life.

I had to accept that this slower way of operating might not mean more popularity on social media or more money in my bank account. And that I might not impress the people I thought were worth impressing. But you know what it does mean? More time to actually enjoy this awesome time in my mid-twenties. Freedom from the constant pressure of my to-do list that. More time for random phone calls with my mom, sister, and long distance friends. Free time in the morning to spend time with God and get my day started off right, not rushed. More time to read books and learn.  More time to write about the things I’m passionate about. More time to do random things with Conner when he gets home from work instead of working nights. More time to go home to visit Nani!

If the pace at which you’re living your life right now is requiring you to sacrifice your happiness and making you feel like you’re constantly running on E, you need to slow down. You need more time for the things in your life that truly make you feel content and add value to your life. If you are struggling, listen to what He’s trying to tell you. This is what will help you find the happiness and purpose you were working so hard to find.


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  • Analisha

    YES!! I love this blog post and it resonated strongly with me! I am a recovering workaholic as well and even considered joining a support group for over working! I am similar where I have a strong desire to be successful and cope with life by staying busy. My family were enterpanuers so I was also taught to live this way. Our society is very workaholic and also very lonely and sad! I got to a same place where I felt very unfulfilled and realized all the things that make life worth living I was sacrificing for an deep need for success. I am so thankful I am better now but constantly have to FORCE myself to slow down. I actually sometimes make an appointment to rest in my google calendar! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Kit Stanwood

    I love your post! I completely relate to this so much recently and throughout my entire life Just this last year I’ve learned some tools to help cope with the strong need to hustle or obsess over something such as how to meditate, relax, and sit in peace with god/the universe. It allows me to be refreshed and come back to be able to focus. My mind is always running a million thoughts so it’s easy to get addicted to something like work or relationships, when really what I need is to clear my mind for some peace and enjoy the moment. Your such an inspiration! Keep spreading joy and light in the world Olivia (:
    Kit from

  • Jordan

    Absolutely resonated with this on multiple levels. Thank you for sharing. You’re an inspiration.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts girlie! My struggle right now is finding balance b/w my 9-5 and putting in enough work for my blog/youtube. So there’s definitely moments where I feel overwhelmed, but Im also going on a Mexico trip in a couple of weeks for 7 days! Im so excited to relax.

    xo, Andrea |

  • Claudine

    This post really resonated with me. I had a breaking point as well about a year ago where I realized I was not in the right situation in my life and had to focus on me and change a lot to give myself time to breathe, take in life, and count my blessings. I’ve also noticed that attending mass has brought me peace and serenity in these moments of time. Thank you for this post – it serves as a great reminder to us all.

  • Keri Bench

    You are so right Olivia! I am so glad you are brave enough to share what others won’t, and that is the truth. I love that You have used your platform to always include god, not being afraid in this day and age to say his name, sing his praises! And I hope every young girl reads this, maybe they havent realized this important factor of having a relationship with god first. It is so helpful and essential to be in the world and not “of the world”. Love love love this!! Thanks for being so amazing ❤️

  • Tiffany Bierman

    You are such an inspiration! This really resongnated with me. Being a former UK cheerleader, I notice being a workaholic is a common trait amongst many of us. Thanks for sharing. God Bless! Go Wildcats!

  • Amber

    This came at the perfect time! I’m so type A it hurts, literally. Even though most of us know we can’t do evvvverything deep down, there’s always the constant struggle to try! Thanks for reminding me to slow down!

  • Brenda Carpenter

    This is an awesome read Olivia and so true for so many of us, my daughter included!! The older I got the more I realized this is what God was trying to teach me….slow down and enjoy the moments because they do pass to quickly & when they are gone you can’t get them back. So go visit your momma & sis and Nani and friends because that is something you will never regret spending your time on!! You my sweet girl are very wise for your age!! Hugs! 🤗💗. ( I am crediting your Momma & Nani for you youthful wisdom along with your stubbornness from birth!! Another trait my daughter has!! 🤣😂🤣🥰.

  • Monique

    Very inspirational but must be so hard in in NYC and fashion. I live in Atlanta and am just trying to get back on my inner fashion styling and recommitting to myself on my journey, because every woman wants to be fabulous. And that certainly is what you are. But find people to help you and who believe in your vision, and may you all come out the better.

  • Brianna

    Great post! Love learning more about you 🙂
    Brianna |

  • May

    Such a great post! I’ve been really feeling a lack of motivation recently as well. I agree that maybe I’m taking on too much and don’t have time for the things that really count. Reading your article makes me feel a little better that I’m not alone. It’s so hard when you’re starting out and I feel like I’m getting no where. Your stories are truly inspirational!

    May ||

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