I’m back in New York and completely in holiday mode now that we spent the entire morning decorating for Christmas! We got a real tree that smells so good and covered the place in twinkle lights…and now I never want to leave the apartment. I’ve been slowly adding things from my go-to online stores to the list below of all my favorite holiday party outfit picks. I did my best to find things that were in stock in most colors and sizes, and found a lot of different styles of outfits. Whether you’re headed to an office party, house party, or formal affair – there’s a little something sparkly for every occasion in this post!

I’m wearing the Demi dress from the Hutch holiday collection and my shoes are linked here from Aldo. Hope you find some festive things to wear to your events this season ✨

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  • Brianna

    Great outfits 🙂
    Brianna |

  • Mary

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