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Whenever I meet an Instagram friend or blog reader in person for the first time, their initial reaction is usually some version of “OMG, you’re so little”. Yep, at 4’11” I’m extremely petite 🙋so it can get a little tricky when it comes to shopping. Actually scratch that it’s near impossible to find clothes that fit me correctly.

I know a lot of you who read my blog are also petite, so here are some tips about what I do to rock my barely 5′ frame – in photos and in real life. Also – for sizing reference when ordering, I typically wear a XXS, 00, size 24 pants, and 5.5 shoe.

A tailor is a must.  

There just isn’t any way around this one. Perfectly fitting clothing will change your life – especially if you’re used to everything being a full size too big. It’s a big investment, but the pieces I’ve taken to my tailor to customize are the clothing items I wear the most often. When clothes fit correctly – especially in my waist, bust, and the length is right – the outfit looks 100x better.

Use Your Angles. 

You have to learn a thing or two about your angles 😉Put one foot forward in pictures and push your hips back a little –  this elongates your legs and makes your waist look tiny. Keeping your shoulders back and relaxed helps too. My photographer usually uses a wide angle camera lens to capture my shots.  The trick is to shoot up and slightly tilt the lens.

The Higher the Heel.

Heels change everything. My posture, attitude,  and confidence. I’ve built up a pretty solid collection of neutral heels + wedges that I can pair with almost any outfit. Steve Madden shoes are my favorite. Platforms shoes like the one’s I’m wearing above are really trendy right now, don’t know how I feel about them yet!

Petite Friendly Brands I Love

Ok guys, here it is. After years of putting outfits together, I’ve come up with a trustworthy list of brands that I can count on to be true to size and petite friendly. Here are my go-to’s for online shopping:

Asos Petites

Topshop Petites

MissGuided Petites

Pretty Little Thing Petites

Boohoo Petites

Express Petites


Urban Outfitters

Revolve (size xxs fits every time)

Charlotte Russe


H & M

Hope you find some good petite options on these sites! It’s where I find all my gems 🙂 Thanks for reading guys, good night!

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  • Lydia

    Girl thank you!!!!! I’m almost your exact size and everything you just wrote is 100% true!! I’ve been searching for some good ‘petite’ brands for years that you don’t have to try something on and think, “well, it doesn’t look THAT big on me.. maybe I can pull it off”. Thank you so so much for this list! Can’t wait to start shopping!

  • May

    I seriously don’t believe you are 4′-11″! That’s crazy. You look so tall in you pictures. I’m petite too and I love all those brands you mentioned too! River Island has a good petite line as well.

    May ||

  • Brianna

    The orange crop top is so cute!! I need it haha
    Brianna |

  • Jenn

    I get what you mean about those “flatforms” they’re so cute especially if you have stick legs but I think they’ll just make me look shorter especially since I have a curvier bottom.
    Also, I think I would appreciate petite bloggers actually commenting when they have altered an item they’re photographing themselves in. I rely heavily on petite bloggers sizing because NOTHING fits me either and when you get something they secretly altered and didn’t disclose and it doesn’t fit, you feel hopeless,it’s very frustrating!

  • Doreen Archambault

    Hi olivia love boohoo petites also plus topshop as well. I find it tough with Charlotte russe tho esp with their maxi skirts. Sometimes I just roll my eyes when people say “tiny” or something like it. It’s like “thank you captain obvious”!! Oh well what can you do??

  • ching

    I am 4’11 too! I just looked at revolve and I don’t think they have a petite line .. I am surprised you said XXS fits you , I just looked at one dress and the model is 5’10 and is wearing XS.

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