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I’m a professional list maker. I live by my to-do list(s). They’re a key contributing factor to my productivity and I’ve been making them for years. They’re a good way to record thoughts, recommendations, random inspiration, etc. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of crossing things off a list.

I keep a ‘master to-do list’ in my notes app on my phone, but also have a bunch of smaller random lists I’m constantly updating. I love how it instantly transfers from my phone to my computer and is accessible at all times. It’s like a little electronic pocket note book I can access anywhere, anytime. Here’s a peek at the current lists I’m keeping. Hoping you can use these as a template for your own life ~ I’ve included some of my recs below!


Self Care:

1. Paint nails & toes 

2. Hair mask / deep conditioning day

3. Crest White Strips

4. Make a meal plan for the whole week

5. Challenge yourself to drink ‘x’ refills of your water bottle per day

Little gifts to send:

1. Send a candle to sis

2. Order mom the cookbook she’s been talking about

3. Online shop for cozy pj’s for a friend 

4. Send grandma an online picture album (or a real one!)

5. Use Minibar to send Dad’s favorite whiskey or mom’s fave wine.

People you need to call:

(Make a goal of one per day)






Books to read:

1. East of Eden John Steinbeck

2. Charles Krauthammer’s books, “Things That Matter” and “The Point of It All”

3. The Bible

Websites + Blogs to Catch Up On:

1. Wit and Delight 

2. A Cup of Jo

3. Brighton the Day 

4. Emily Henderson

5. The Everygirl


1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

2. Ted Talks Daily 

3. Wit + Delight

4. Magic Lessons

Longer-term to do list:

1. Re-do a room in your house

2. Organize your bathroom drawers & kitchen cabinet

3. Start or revisit an old hobby (music, art, photography)

4. Revamp website (or start your side hustle/passion project)


Comment on my IG post tonight with anything I missed in the categories above!

olivia rink, olivia rink apartment, new york city, nyc apartment, new york city apartment, lifestyle blog, nyc lifestyle blogger
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  • Megan Luttmer

    I love all your blogs so much and I am definitely a list person like you! This list template is awesome!! I love having examples of how to revamp my lists and become better organized!

    Thank you so much’

  • Stephanie

    Love it! I also live for ToDo lists! So productive! ❤️

  • Zack

    I Love it so much thank you

  • Lenzi

    This is awesome! I LOVE IT

  • Brianna

    I’m a huge list person too! I feel like I can’t do anything without them haha
    Brianna |

  • Andrea

    Painting my nails is the best form of therapy/relaxation for me! It always feels like I have my life a bit more together than before haha

    Andrea ||

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