One of the best things about having my blog is getting the chance to talk to so many different girls about their relationship with God and hearing about what He’s doing in each one of their lives. Occasionally I’ll get e-mails asking how I’m “so confident in my faith” or how “I seem to have it all figured out“, so for those of you wondering, here’s my answer to your question: I don’t. But one thing I have figured out is that you won’t find the answers unless you go searching for them. And that’s exactly what I’m doing – praying, seeking, and asking for His guidance.

There are very few people I know that I believe are 100% sure of what their beliefs are. I personally think everyone is struggling with this in their own way and we are all just doing the best we can with the guidance our Heavenly Father gives each of us. I’m always struggling. Every single day. But in a way, I think that’s ok, because it means you care enough in your heart to want to know more about why you’re here and where you’re going. I truly believe God wants us to search for deeper answers which lead to deeper meaning in our lives. I’ve always been curious about who God is. What He’s like. Why He made us. When we’ll meet him. What He wants from us. Some people are content with not knowing these answers, but I’m not one of those people.

I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic Church every Sunday with my family for the first 18 years of my life. Growing up, I never thought too much about my religion. I was a Catholic because my parents were Catholic and they set an incredible example of how to live a Christ-like life in the way they raised us. I never really got “into” church services, it seemed like I was just going through the motions. It wasn’t until I went away to college and started attending a non-denominational Christian church with some of my teammates that I really started to think about the bigger questions. The way the pastor talked about God’s love for us and the stories he told of all the ways His love is changing people’s lives around the world were so powerful to me. I left so many services in tears, overwhelmed by how full my heart felt. I feel like this is when I started to understand more about God, what He did for us, and what it all meant to me. It became less about what church I worshiped in, and more about the personal relationship I had with Him. Less about following rules and more about following God.

But the most important thing I learned from attending this church is that I am the daughter of a God who loves me more than I could ever imagine and sent His only son to save us from our sins, so that eventually we could return to live with Him in heaven someday. Knowing this has made the good things in life so much better, and the hard things easier to handle.

At this point, I had formed a much closer relationship with God, but my mind was still filled with a list of never ending questions. Why do bad things happen to good people, why are there 33,000 different christian denominations, why was I given a comfortable life when there are people in this world who consider each day they’re alive to be a miracle? I didn’t understand why I was so blessed while others were struggling each day to just get by. What kind of God could let such horrible things happen to people, was there a greater lesson behind it all?

Learning more about Jesus’s life, ministry, and WHY God sent him to us didn’t necessarily answer all my questions, but it gave me the peace of mind and the ability to accept the fact that it’s ok to not know all the answers. I realized that being right and having all the answers isn’t as important as being faithful and trusting that His way is the right way, regardless of if it all makes perfect sense in my imperfect human mind. It’s this vulnerable space that determines the aptitude of your faith. Jesus did many things that even his own disciples did not understand at the time. “You do not understand now what I am doing, but someday you will” John 13:7, it is enough that we can love and obey now, and that we will know the reasons at a later time.

I call myself a Christian, but I will be the first to admit I do not always act like one. I also know that there are lots of non-religious people in this world acting more Christ-like than some of the most ‘devout’ Christians. As imperfect humans, we are guilty of creating our own idea of who God is in our minds that aligns with our own personal preferences – we make up an easy God that conveniently ‘fits’ into our lives, doesn’t take up too much room, and we can pull him out when we need him. Scripture study, attending church, and praying are all wonderful things, but we are called to live like Him and do the things we read about. He wants us to love, and to love unconditionally – especially those who aren’t so lovable. To be selfless and to serve others. To do the right thing when it might no be the easiest. To keep his commandments and teach others about Him. Being a Christian means living your life in a way that people will know you have the love of Christ in your heart, without having to announce that you are a Christian. Actions > Words.

It became less about what ‘religion’ I was, and more about how I felt closest to Him. I still attend Catholic church with my family all the time – I have no problem worshiping in different churches – my God is constant no matter what building I’m praying in! Which brings me to my final point – and a little bit of a curve ball in my life that I didn’t see coming.

I met Chris in Mexico on New Years Eve almost 2 years ago right after the ball dropped (more about that crazy story here). I’m not a big drinker – I’m about 90 pounds and after about 2 glasses of wine I’m dancing on the tables..but really, that’s where he found me, dancing on a table with my sister. He was cute, persistent, funny, and he was also completely sober. I asked him why he was sober on NYE in Mexico, and he replied and said, “I’m a mormon, I don’t drink”. At first I laughed, but after taking a second to think about it, I was kind of intrigued. A cute guy with a good personality that doesn’t have to be drunk to make a girl laugh? Tell me more.

Chris has been a blessing in disguise and a huge eye opener to my small minded idea of what it meant to be a Christian. As most of you know, I lived in Salt Lake City for a year – yes, land of the Mormons. My best friends, co-workers, and a lot of Chris’s family members are Mormons, so it was a completely different world for me – considering I had never met a single Mormon in my life! Although there are a few obvious differences between Mormons and other Christian denominations, there are so many similarities and so many new things I learned from living among a group of people who are so devoted to carrying out God’s work here on earth.

I’ve learned so much about God’s love for us from dating Chris. He is the first guy I’ve dated that has had an obvious love for God that he was not afraid to tell me about. We can talk for hours about spiritual things – which is pretty rare in the dating world today. Our relationship has taught me that regardless of what religion you are, God loves us all the same. We are learning from each other and praying for guidance. I know it wasn’t a quick and easy answer, but to answer the question: I am always struggling in my beliefs and have my doubts, but I’m also learning and experiencing new things every day that bring me one step closer to the truth.

I have a hard time believing someday God’s going to decide who gets into heaven or who goes to hell based on whether or not they believed the right thing about a few ideas. I want to show that although people might have different views on the subject, that doesn’t mean they’re wrong and not going to get the ‘invite’ to heaven. Some of you may disagree with the things I’ve said, but I believe one of the reasons God has blessed me with this platform that thousands of girls read every day is so I can share His love and talk about Him, because this world needs more people who are brave enough to bring up the most important topic in the world.

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  • Shania McNeil

    I love this so much. I really needed to hear this today as someone struggling with my faith because other christians tell me that some of my beliefs are wrong. Thank you so much for this!

  • Olivia Rink

    Thanks for reading Shania 🙂

  • Milana A.E.

    Last paragraph- perfect. I've felt that way, and didn't know how to put it into words until you said it. God is so loving and understanding.

  • Candace Corcoran

    #SeeYouInHeaven :*

  • Olivia Rink

    <3 thanks for reading Milana!

  • Megan

    Hi! I really enjoy your posts on fashion but even more so think it's awesome that you are able to open up and share your faith with others. We are spirits that have a soul and live in a body, and a lot of people just focus on the body, which is going to pass away someday, but our spirits are everlasting. I'm so glad that you see the importance of where a person spends eternity. But I would be remiss if I didn't share a few things with you. Please search the Bible yourself to see if what I'm saying is true. It does matter what we believe, because if we are deceived, we can be lost. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit so that we can be led into all truth. If you have questions, God has answers, believe me, He is faithful to answer them! You didn't say anything in your post about sin. If you did, I must have missed it. The reason why Jesus came is to set us free from sin, to wash us from all unrighteousness so that we are new creations in Christ. The penalty of sin is death, not just in the physical sense, but spiritual death. Which results in everlasting torment. If a person is born again, they are no longer dead but have passed from death to life. There are so many denominations of Christianity, but if they don't teach this truth then they are deceiving people and leading them astray. Jesus said to enter by the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter in by it. But straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life, and those who find it are few. Jesus is that narrow gate, and we can know Him through His Word. So I truly hope you will continue to seek Him out and ask Him to show you what His Word means. He warned many times not to be deceived, and there must be a good reason why He said that! God bless!

  • Kasey

    You truly are an inspiration. I have been putting reading this article on my to do list for a few days and finally got around to it. I struggle with my beliefs everyday, but it wasn’t until I found God last year that life seemed to make so much sense. Thank you for being brave, and speaking words that some people are too afraid to speak. Your website is amazing, I can’t wait to see more!

      Olivia Rink

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I love being able to connect with girls like you about faith 🙂 And thanks for reading Kasey!

  • Katie Cox

    I am looking for a good study bible for women, I am 21 and wanting to grow closer to God and deeper in my religion.
    If you have any recommendations I would love to hear! Thanks!

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for posting this… what a great message.

  • Denise

    I came across your Instagram tonight and noticed you also had a love for big blonde hair and fashion. I was immediately interested in you pictures, but when I realized you were a competitive cheerleader and proud God lover I knew you were my spirit animal ☺️
    I cheered for the University of Central Oklahoma and can definitely relate to your post about what cheerleader taught you other than just tumbling, stunts, and teamwork. It certainly takes a lot of hard work and near perfection to get the ring and jacket… I mean, job 😉
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your personal posts about life, love, and God. I appreciate your courage to share His word and love how you’ve glorified Him with the talents He has given you! Keep it up, sister!

  • Taylor

    Olivia! I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for following your heart and writing this piece. You absolutely have a platform (a fabulous one at that!) and God is totally using you to bless others. I think you wrote the message God intended for you to write, despite what others may have to say about its theological merits. This was the perfect message for someone. Internet hug! ❤️

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